My Research on the Bible and Biblical Hebrew

Hebrew-English presentation on the Bible and on biblical Hebrew (with color ‎graphics)‎

This presentation expounds on various research findings given in my book: “Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew” (Shore, 2 Ed., 2012).

The book is now available for free download at this blog’s home page (“About“).

Presentation is divided into eight parts:

  • “Laban – the Case of a Lost Identity” (Ch. 15 in the book; in Hebrew);
  • “Chance” and “Cold” – two separately developed scientific concepts of entropy that are actually one (and also expressed by a single word root in biblical Hebrew; Ch. 3 in the book; Hebrew);
  • Average lunar month according to Jewish sources (Ch. 18 in the book; Hebrew; See also separate blog entry on the subject);
  • “When a sample of observations are aligned on a straight line”: “A parable” about measuring temperatures on both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales (Ch. 23 in the book; English);
  • Relationships between numerical values of sets of Hebrew words and related physical traits (three consecutive examples with color plots; Hebrew-English):
    • Example 1: Time-cycles (“Day, Month, Year”; Ch. 12 in the book);
    • Example 2: Celestial diameters (“Moon, Earth, Sun”; Ch. 8 in the book);
    • Example 3: Velocity (“Light, Sound, Standstill” or “Lightening, Thunder, Silence”; Ch. 21 in the book);
  • Results from a computer simulation study aimed to estimate probabilities (Hebrew);
  • The planets example (An extensive example of relationships of size-sorted physical traits of celestial bodies to numerically sorted biblical names; Hebrew-English);
  • Genesis creation story – A statistical analysis (English);

To watch the PDF file in presentation mode, open with Adobe Reader and then go to: View -> Full Screen Mode. To manipulate slides click mouse-left to advance and mouse-right to retreat to previous slide.

Prof Haim Shore presentation_Bible and biblical Hebrew research_March 2016

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