General My Research on the Bible and Biblical Hebrew

“Words of Wisdom and Experience” (now in paperback)

From the Preface to the book:

“This compendium of essays is divided into three parts:

  • Part I: On God, Bible and biblical Hebrew
  • Part II: Personal Lessons on Life;
  • Part III: Personal Lessons on Statistics.

I hope that reading the book the reader may benefit from these words of wisdom and experience, wisdom of mainstream Bible scholars, past and present, and my own cumulative life experience.”

Amazon link to the book (soft-cover) :

Haim Shore_Words of Wisdom and Experience_Paperback Sep 2019

4 replies on ““Words of Wisdom and Experience” (now in paperback)”

I have been looking for your material for several months and now I have found your brilliant work. Thank you for sharing you discoveries.


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