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Podcasts produced by Professor Haim Shore or second or third parties:

[1] Talk of Avinoam Ben-Mordechai with Haim Shore (originally published, July, 4th, 2020; Produced by Avinoam Ben-Mordechai; Part 1 of 2):

[2] Talk of Avinoam Ben-Mordechai with Haim Shore (originally published, July, 11th, 2020; Produced by Avinoam Ben-Mordechai; Part 2 of 2):

[3] Posts from Haim Shore blog (English):

3.1Kavod – the most peculiar word in biblical Hebrew” (female voice):

3.2 “World is My Own and I have Made Myself” – A Tale of Two Cultures (Podcast-audio):

Three biblical stories expressing same state-of-mind as today’s prevailing culture (English, narrated by a female voice):

3.3 Basic Human Condition: “Angels of God Ascending and Descending” (Gen. 28:12; Podcast-audio):

“In the beginning God created The Heavens and The Earth” (Gen. 1:1). Are these two worlds apart, or are they communicating with one another? A single verse in Torah may deliver a clue, thereby defining for us a most basic human condition.

3.4 “Do not steal” – Is it in the Ten Commandments?

The answer to this intriguing question may surprise you. The true meaning of the Eighth Commandment, according to traditional Jewish scholarship, is not what it appears to be.

So where prohibition on stealing, in the common sense of the word, does appear in the Ten Commandments?

Find details in this podcast:

3.5 What do we know of God? (Podcast-audio)

Based on the Jewish Hebrew Bible (Torah, the prophets), on in-dept analysis of biblical Hebrew words and on traditional Jewish interpreters, the detailed answer may be somewhat unexpected:

3.6 “Thou shall not boil a kid in its mother’s milk” (Exod. 23:19). Why? (Podcast-audio)

Jewish Kosher laws, seemingly arbitrary and devoid of any possible rational justification, in fact are based on a very deep principle of how we should conduct our lives to maintain health, spiritually and physically.

What is this principle?

3.7 “Only, no fear of God in this place” (Gen. 20:11; Podcast-audio)

What happens to a society, governed by democratically-elected representatives, subject to humanly-created law?

Is this guarantee that atrocities not be committed?

Here are three stories from Scripture, involving three biblical heroes:

King Abimelech, King David, Abraham.

The stories are seemingly non-related. In fact, they convey a single common message. What is this message?

3.8 Free Will — The Act of Separating and Choosing (Podcast-audio)

Why is there free-will?

What are the necessary and sufficient requirements for free-will to be exercised?

How do we make decisions within the two worlds, comprising our lives, the “World of Law-of-Nature” and the “World of Randomness”?

These questions and others are addressed, supported by excerpts from the Bible.

3.9 The Three Pillars of Truth (Lessons from the Hebrew Alphabet; Podcast-audio)

What does “Truth” stand on? How do we tell truth from falsehood?

The Hebrew Alphabet conveys to us the essential ingredients of truth.

We denote these:

The Three Pillars of Truth.

What are they?

3.10 “Becoming Holy” — The Bible Prescription

This podcast (and the accompanying post) consider various paths to Holiness, suggested in the past, and contrast them with the biblical way.

3.11 “And There was Evening and There was Morning” (Genesis 1) — A Different Interpretation (Podcast)
An innovative new interpretation of Genesis well-known verse and how it comports with modern science.

3.12 “Shamayim” — The Most Counter-intuitive Yet Scientifically Accurate Word in Biblical Hebrew (Podcast)
The deeper meaning and implications of the biblical Hebrew Shamayim (Sky).

3.13 Black Holes and Near-Death Experience (NDE) — A One-way Flow of Information (Podcast)

One-way flow of Information is characteristic to black holes. However, it also forms the basic human condition, regarding communicating with “the other side”. Is this similarity coincidental?

3.14 Why Trust Bible Prophets?? (Podcast)
Israelite prophets, prophecies of whom are everywhere in the Jewish Bible, right left and center, explicitly stated that God, the creator of “The Heaven and The Earth”, had spoken to them.
Should we trust them?

3.15 How Israel Transformed from a Land of Common-Sense to a Bastion of Formalities (Podcast)
A magnifying glass directed at the fundamental transformation that the Israeli society is going through, shifting personal responsibility, mandated by free-will, to the responsibility of court of law.

3.16 Punishment vs. Guidance — Explaining Adverse Outcome of Well-intentioned Behavior (Podcast)                                                “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?” A somewhat original insight to an age-old mystery.

3.17 Is Torah Divinely Inspired? (Podcast)
Three research efforts that have found shared patterns between scientific models of physical reality, the Hebrew Bible and biblical Hebrew:

3.18 Agag, Haman the Agagite, Gog, Magog, Gag — What binds them all together? (Podcast)
On the general concept of “Roof” in the Hebrew Bible, and what does it really signify:

3.19 Why Predictions of Surgery-Duration are So Poor, and a Possible Remedy (Podcast)
Accurate prediction of surgery-duration is key to optimal utilization of operating theatres. Yet, current predictions, based on best available statistical and AI techniques, are highly inaccurate. This causes operating rooms worldwide to operate in a sub-optimal mode. Based on personal experience, supported by recently published three peer-reviewed articles, we believe that the poor state-of-the-art of current predictive methods for surgery-duration is traceable to a single cause. What is it? What is the remedy?

3.20 Where Statistics Went Wrong Modeling Random Variation? (Podcast)

To-date, there are thousands of statistical distributions published in the Statistics literature. This seems insane. Perhaps the gigantic number of distributions indicates that we are wrong in how we model random variation, as observed in nature??

Where Statistics Went Wrong Modeling Random Variation (Podcast)

3.21 “Diber” or “Dever” – Two Modes of Divine Dialogue with Humankind in a World of Free-Will (Podcast)

The Ten Commandments, in their original biblical Hebrew, are — Ten Devarim, or Ten Dibrot (the singular of which is Diber). No commandment is mentioned! What is the deep significance lurking behind this bizarre phenomenon?

“Diber” or “Dever” – Two Modes of Divine Dialogue with Humankind in a World of Free-Will (Podcast)

3.22  How I Repaid Maccabiah for Saving My Father from the Holocaust (Podcast)

The story of my father, participating in the first Maccabiah (1932), how his life was spared, and how I repaid my debt.

How I Repaid Maccabiah for Saving My Father from the Holocaust (Audio-podcast)

3.23 Why a Jewish Rabbi wondered that Sun in Hebrew not named Eretz? (Podcast)

Living in the period of the Geo-Centric worldview, a Jewish Rabbi wondered (claimed) that it is the sun that should be named Eretz (Hebrew for Earth). With the later science-based shift towards the Helio-Centric worldview (Sun is “still”, Earth is “running” around it), biblical Hebrew once again proved to describe accurately physical reality.

Why a Jewish Rabbi wondered that Sun in Hebrew not named Eretz? (Podcast)

6 replies on “Podcasts (audio)”

This was a very interesting podcast!!! Thank you very much!!

The 10 Statements by which Go-d created the world vs the 10 Dvarim from the root Davar (ד.ב.ר) which have us engage with them with our free will! Very deep!!
It is also very important that you noticed the root Davar (ד.ב.ר) is used for for plague which means it is an outcome of breaking the 10 Dvarim.

Thank you again, Loved the podcast very much!


Thank you, Oren, for the words of appreciation. Thank you for the pioneering and much admired work you are doing (and displaying in videos) on the relationship between Pi and the first verse of Genesis. Really a seachange on how we perceive the relationship between Heaven and Earth. Haim


Hello Lyuben, Good to hear from you again, hope all is fine with yours and your closest. In the podcast, I do not refer to any particular word, just to the three-letter root of Kavod, which sum up to 26 (same as Jehovah in Hebrew). Many regards, Haim


Hello Haim. My family and I are doing well, thanks to God. I hope you and all yours are aslo fine.
Indeed you said tat the 3-letter root has numerical value 26, without referring to a special word. However, after having checked the text of the Torah I found that in the few particular cases that I have discussed, these 3 letters are used as a WORD for GLORY, with corresponding suffixes attached to it. The intriguing fact is that, as far as I am aware, this 3-letter root is used only in these occasions for denoting GLORY (or, at least, translated into English and Bulgarian as GLORY). Moses used this 3-letter word when asked the LORD: “… I beg you, show me Your GLORY (כבדך)”, in Ex. 33:18.In he same way, the LORD resonds in 33:22: “… while My GLORY (כבדי) … passes by …”
Otherwise, the root is used many other times for denoting HEAVY, SEVERE, also RICH, GRIEVOUS etc. Best regards, Lyuben


Thenk you both for the very interesting conversation! I wasw intrigued by the spelling of the word GLORY (כבד), because I have dealt with this word in my Bible code srudies. (I believe I have sent them to you, Haim). I checked the numerical value and it indeed is 26 – that is, the numerical value of LORD (יהוה). However, a deeper delving into the Torah text revealed that this particular spelling is rare. It is used only when the LORD Himself has used it personally (e.g., My Glory: in Ex. 29:43 and 33:18 and 22; Num. 14:22 or His Glory, in Deut 5:21). In all other cases, especially where there occurs the expression Glory of the LORD, a spelling including a vav is used (כבוד). (This is the word I have found encoded in one of my studies.) Even Joseph, when tells his brothers to report to his father about his (Joseph’s) glory in Egypt, in Gen. 45:13, uses the spelling with vav. I find these peculiarities extremely intriguing. They prove that the numerical value of a word bears specific significance.


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