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In this personal blog I aim to express thoughts and ideas, related to my scientific research work, in minimally technical terms.

A link to my  book, “Coincidences in the Bible and in biblical Hebrew”, allows free download.

My research work has recently concentrated on three areas:

  • Response Modeling Methodology (RMM);
  • Bible and biblical Hebrew;
  • Statistical applications.

Additional entries on this blog include podcasts, videos and posts relating to general subjects (find details and links on List of Posts).

An authorized list of my publications may be found, in a PDF file, here.

Details about some of these are given below.

1. RMM

Developing a new statistical modeling approach, denoted Response Modeling Methodology (RMM). The underlying ideas and motivation that have led to developing the new approach, and its implication to the practice of statistics, are discussed in various blog entries, tagged “My research in statistics” (see link to Wikipedia entry below).

2. Bible and biblical Hebrew

Analyses relating to the Hebrew Bible and to biblical Hebrew. Results from some of these research efforts have been summarized in my book: “Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew” (2nd Ed., 2012). Related materials and additional commentaries, not included in the book, are posted in various blog entries (or linked to them).

The book in its entirety is now available for free download:


Bookmarks allow reaching easily any desired chapter, Table of Contents (TOC) or Table of Figures (activate bookmarks in Adobe Acrobat Reader).

3. Statistical Applications:

  • Developing a new approach, based on RMM and on modern principles of Statistical Process Control (SPC), to modeling and monitoring fetal-growth. This research effort is conducted by a team of researchers, which includes members from the Open University of Israel and from Soroka Medical Center (affiliated to Ben-Gurion University);
  • Modeling RMM-based growth-curves (pre-birth or post-birth), using non-linear quantile regression;
  • Modeling the distribution of surgery duration and monitoring it via SPC. This research effort aims to provide managers with forecast and control tools that would enable better utilization of operating rooms. Three related articles have by now (2022) been published.

Published literature, relating to these areas and others, may be found on my ResearchGate Page , and on other pages (see links below).

An additional area that my blog addresses (unlike the previous three, I do not classify it as scientific research):

4. Current Historical Coincidences

In my book (item 2 above) I detail some curious historical coincidences that have appeared over the years in Jewish history  (Chapter 20 therein). Two examples are the constant presence of adverse Hebrew-language connotations to names of historical adversaries of the Jewish people (names that had not originated in the Hebrew language), and the strange start date in the Hebrew-year calendar of the second Gulf war (March, 2003) a day after the first Gulf war abruptly ended (February, 1991). Posts in this category expound current historical coincidences that are interesting and surprising. However, they should be perceived for what they are, namely, coincidences (or not..).


Author Bio

(as appearing in published papers of Prof. Haim Shore):

Haim Shore is professor emeritus of Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel (retired October, 2015). He owns five academic degrees and had published seven books (four in English), and over a hundred chapters and articles in books and in refereed international journals. In 1993–1994, he was a visitor at the Centre for Quality and Productivity Improvement, University of Wisconsin–Madison, and in 2002–2003 he was a visitor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University, Canada. Shore’s interests include quality and reliability engineering, stochastic modelling and simulation and distributional theory. He was an Associate Editor for Communications in Statistics and on the editorial boards of Quality Engineering, IIE Transactions (Quality & Reliability Engineering), International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management (IJOQM), and Quality Technology and Quantitative Management (QTQM). His most recent research work has focused on modelling, monitoring and statistical control of surgery times.


Popular Posts:

Most popular: Kavod — The Most Peculiar Word in Biblical Hebrew

2nd most popular: The Three Pillars of Truth — Lessons from the Hebrew Alphabet

My Favorites Posts:

The Two Books of the Divine and Their Scientific Linkage

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Popular Podcasts:

The Three Pillars of Truth (Lessons from the Hebrew Alphabet; Podcast-audio)

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“Kavod – the most peculiar word in biblical Hebrew” (Podcast-audio)


Other Pages:

All of my related refereed scientific articles (published or accepted for publication) are listed on my personal ResearchGate page:

Haim Shore ResearchGate page

An authorized list of Professor Haim Shore Publications (DOI links):

Professor Haim Shore Authorized Publications List

These articles may also be viewed on ORCID (with direct links to journals where they had been published):

Haim Shore ORCID page

Ben-Gurion University page:

Haim Shore at Ben-Gurion Univ. Research Portal

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Haim Shore Podcasts

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YouTube Channel:

Prof Haim Shore YouTube Channel

Wikipedia entries (authored by Prof. Haim Shore):

Response Modeling Methodology (RMM)

Predictive Methods for Surgery Duration

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Haim Shore Posts on The-Times-of-Israel

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Amazon_Haim Shore Books

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140 replies on “About”

Dear Sir,
Could I have your opinion on the video featuring Dr Rubinstein?

The claim is extraordinary and if confirmed, it would be worth promoting.
I’m looking forward to hearing what you think
kind regards


The speaker claims that “there are four acids that make the DNA and the sulphuric bridge bonding the DNA appears every 10 / 5 / 6 / 5 acids which is equivalent to numeric values of the name YHVH”.


The nature of this finding, which I have read about some time ago, is anecdotal. It might be meaningful, or… not. It does not constitute a repetitive pattern that could be addressed scientifically.


Dear Professor Shore,
I would like to give a talk at my work place about the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio, and the Aleph Bet (and what they all have in common). As part of this talk, I would like to show my co-workers the wonders of the Aleph-bet. As part of that, if you allow, I would love to share with them some of your findings (the simpler ones of which I verified myself as well) about the correlations between physical attributes and key words in the Torah. It’s a human interest talk (which my company encourages), but I hope to also make it a type of Kiddush Hashem.
Do I have your permission to use some of your material?
Thank you,
Laurence (Larry) Bigio
Zichron Yaakov, Israel


Larry, I was very excited to learn of your plan to deliver a talk about my findings and perhaps those of Oren Evron (you may find relevant YouTube videos that Oren has produced on all subjects you refer to and then some).

Hopefully, your presentation will pave the way for more exposure of these findings to the Israelis and beyond.

I wish you success with this endavor, and please feel free to use any material you find on my blog.



Seat Professor, id like to share with you some of my ideas which are very very similar to what you shown in your videos about the correlation between bible and cosmology. i got i little book stuck from many years now because in the early past wasn’t so easy for this ideas to be accepted. i agree with your calculation and i can add something you don’t mention, in terms of dark matter and energy, hubble miscalculation, and more. i hope you can find this arguments intresting and hopefully we will have a chat. im very concerned about spread out this infos, could be better to have an professional advice from you before. i’d wish to share those pages but i have to be 100%sure that they ain’t wrong. hope to hear something from you, please email me and so we can begin.
thank you Professor.


Dear Brother, I am Joseph from Kerala, India. I wish to utilize your key findings in my native language, Malayalam. I am sure that many people from my state will find it helpful to turn towards God by those tracts. I need your kind permission to go ahead.


Dear Joseph, Thank you for your comment. I would feel priviledged if you spread the contents of my blog or book in your native tongue, Malayalam. Thank you and feel free to go ahead with your request. Much blessing, Haim


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