Morality and the Speed of Light

What does morality have to do with the speed of light? In this blog entry, I explain why I believe a fundamental property of the fabric of the cosmos, the constancy of the speed of light, is a prerequisite not only for the scientific study of nature but also for the existence of absolute (non-relative) morality.

Find details in the article linked below.

Haim Shore_Morality and the Speed of Light_April 2014

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Nice finds, saw the video where log-e was connected to all the fantastic things in out universe.

Let me share some few (i have lots of them).
Add the total value of the 7 verses who’s order reflects the value of the 7 words in Genesis 1:1
= (1+7) X (100 + 37X73)

Genesis 1:1 written in Hebrew = 37X73
Genesis 1:1 written in English (A=1 B=2 C=3) = 137X3
John 1:1 written in Greek = 39X93
John 1:1 written in English = 139X5

Word nr 37 starts with letter nr 137 (3 first digits of inverse a Alpha which is connected to light in physics)
The value of the two words surrounding word nr 37 is the mirrors of 26 (The Lord) & 86 (God)
Word nr 137 starts with letter nr 37 + 137X3 + 73
Word nr 137 Ends with letter nr (Pi) 314 + 73 + 271 (e)
Verse nr 137 = 137X3 + 112 + 211 + 777 (A=26 B=25 C=24 of English Genesis 1:1)
Word nr 29 (1+10th Prime) is “God”
Word nr 29 starts with letter nr 108 “The Lord God” A=1 B=2 C=3 & ends with letter nr 112 “The Lord God” (Hebrew)

Verse nr 7 = 137 + 777 + 39X93
Verse nr 37 = 10 + 777 X2
Verse nr 73 = 10 + 37X73 + 39X93
– 37X73 + 39X93 = Triangle nr 112 (The Lord God)

Genesis 1:1 in English has 10 (3+7) words & 44 (7+37) letters
– The value of Word nr 10 of the Bible = 137X3 English Genesis 1:1

I can send you much more on mail if you want.


Haim, thought provoking article. Very interesting that you use the theory of relativity to prove universal morality. I’ve passed this on to Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt, who used to head up Aish in the UK.

Regards to you and Ruth.



Stephen, thanks for your comment. “Cause and Effect”, “Action and Reaction”, these form the basis for science; and no law of science would be universally valid (namely, independent of the relative motions of the observer and the observed) without the fundamental property of the constancy of the speed of light. As I have shown in my post, this is also a required condition for the universal validity of morality. Best regards, Haim.


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