My “Posts” As Teenager (1963-1965; Hebrew)

In this post I attach a selection of my “Posts”, published in Maariv La-Noar during the period 1963-1965, when I was 16 to 18 years of age.

Maariv La-Noar is a youth journal, affiliated to Maariv, one of the largest dailys in Israel. Its readership are youngsters aged 14-18, and when I was that age it appeared weekly. The journal was supported by a team of volunteering youth-correspondents, some of whom were later to become professional journalists, play directors and even politicians (like Yossi Beilin).

I was one of this team, and as team members we were periodically assigned missions, like conducting interviews, writing opinions on certain topics of the editor’s choice and else.

A major section in Maariv La-Noar was Niv Alumim, where teenagers could write short items on a subject of their choosing, provided it was potentially of interest to others (like nowadays “Posts”, a concept not yet known at the time).

Attached below is a selection of these “Posts”, written by me during 1963-1965:

Haim Shore_Maariv La-Noar_1963 to 1965

2 replies on “My “Posts” As Teenager (1963-1965; Hebrew)”

Prof Shore
1. Excitedly, I cllicked the link.
2. Hebrew.
3. Would be great to have a translation.
4. I’m curious about your thoughts as a teenager.
5. Mine was just study, study, study.


Hong Hin, Thank you for your feedback. I believe teenagers have similar emotions and thoughts across continents and countries, though contents may somewhat differ between different historic periods. My “Posts” as a teenager included descriptions of nature (my hometown is on a hill next to Sea of Galilee), addressing national issues of the time (like the effect of the Holocaust on Israel) and also some funny items ( like how a science class at school scientifically analyzes what Love is..). I wish you all the best, Haim


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