My Research in Statistics

Tutorial on Response Modeling Methodology (RMM)

Response Modeling Methodology (RMM) was developed in the first years of this millennia. By now, there are scores of reported applications that have used this methodology for distribution fitting (modeling random variation) or for non-linear relational modeling (see references at Wikipedia).

I have now uploaded to YouTube my presentation of March, 2006, delivered at Auburn University (USA), in which I explain my new methodology (RMM) to model variation (random or systematic).

Recent progress in artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed enhancing the quality of the video audio so that it could be uploaded to YouTube.

Associated PowerPoint presentation, first in PowerPoint format, second in PDF format (helps preserve the correct form of the equations):

Haim Shore Seminar_ Auburn Univ_March2006

Haim Shore seminar_RMM_Auburn Univ_March 2006

Entry at Wikipedia: Response modeling methodology – Wikipedia

YouTube link:

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