Shorty*: “Speak Hebrew and Be Righteous”

Speaking Hebrew one is led, perhaps unconsciously, to adhere to the basic concepts and tenets of Jewish tradition, in particular “Be Righteous!”. In this shorty, I demonstrate this by addressing seven Hebrew words (having five different philological roots). In all examples, it is assumed that different words sharing same root must somehow be inter-related (even though outwardly the compared words seem not to be sharing anything in common). We emphasize that these examples do not relate to Gematria, which assumes that two words sharing a numerical value must somehow be inter-related.

The first two examples appear in detail in my book.

Example 1: “Sin” is not the result of evil but rather an aberration due to missing the target (“Sin” and “Miss” share same root in Hebrew)

Example 2: There are three modes of standing before God:

“Thanking”, “Acknowledging”, “Admitting” (a sin).

They all share same philological root in Hebrew, giving rise to the single Hebrew verb Le-Hodot (which imparts respective meanings to all three modes of relating to God).

Examples 3 and 4: “Thing” in Hebrew is Davar (derived from same root as “to speak”, Le-Daber); “Object” in Hebrew is Chefetz (meaning also “Will” or “Wish”).

The obvious implication for a Hebrew-speaking user of these “generic” words is unconscious acknowledgment that all that exists is the result of God’s will and speak. Genesis creation narrative could not have been more explicit!!

Example 5: “Resentment” (or “Grudge”) is in Hebrew Tinah ;  Tin is Hebrew for “Silt” (mud that sinks to the bottom of the pool).

The Hebrew language educates: Resentment is like silt. The latter rests silently at the bottom of the pool, nearly undetected, until the pool’s water is disturbed. The mud then rises up to blur and obscure all that shape up under the surface of the water.

Likewise, resentment can be hidden from view (even your own) until triggered into action. Once activated, old grudges rise up to blur and obscure all that is shaping up inside your psyche, rendering your soul non-transparent. This results in distorted vision of reality, in impairing relationships with family and friends and ultimately in poor judgement in decision-making scenarios.

The Hebrew language advises:

Resentment stains your soul, therefore it is impure and unholy; Be righteous by letting go of old grudges; Get rid of resentment!!


* A “Shorty” is a newly invented word for a new idea or thought, expressed as “shortly” as possible..