My Research on the Bible and Biblical Hebrew

New Articles Related to My Research on the Bible and Biblical Hebrew

In this new blog entry, I deliver links to three new documents related mostly to the statistical analyses associated with my research on the Bible and on biblical Hebrew:

1. Three chapters from my book: “Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew”. These chapters mostly address the statistical perspective of my research work, as expounded in the book. Bookmarks may assist navigating between chapters:

Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew_Book by Haim Shore_2nd Revision_2012_Three Sample Chapters

2. An article in Hebrew, published recently in “Ha-mahapach 3”, by Rav Zamir Cohen of Hidabrut Oganization.

הידברות מקריות בתורה ובשבת הקודש

3. An article invited by Rav Zamir Cohen for the upcoming book “Ha-Mahapach 4”. The article explains how average lunar month duration can be calculated, from ancient Jewish sources (including the Hebrew Bible), to be 29.530594 days vs. NASA’s estimate of 29.530589 days.

פרופ שור_משך ירח הלבנה הממוצע_עבור המהפך 4_הידברות

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