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Linkage between Torah First Verse and Pi — Some of Evron’s Findings

In a recent video ( Hebrew, English), produced by Oren Evron, he expounded his astounding findings connecting the first verse of Genesis (in its original Hebrew) to Pi (π).

A short version (5 mins.) may be found here (English; Hebrew captions, needs activation).

I detail herewith, for the benefit of the English-speaking readers, some of the findings in the Hebrew version (in a very concentrated fashion). The essence of Oren Evron’s findings is the abundance of links between various numbers, traditionally associated with the first verse of Genesis, and patterns embedded in the first 628 digits (after the decimal point) of Pi.

Biblical-Hebrew first verse of Genesis:

בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ

We introduce Evron’s findings in the same order, as appearing in the video, with minor modifications, as deemed fit for this post. We start with some obvious numbers, associated with the structure of Genesis first verse, and then proceed to the less obvious (the new findings).

Numerical values associated with first verse in Genesis:

  • Number of words — 7;
  • Number of letters — 28;
  • Sum of gematria values for all seven words — 2701;
  • Sum of gematria values of first letter in each word — 22 (average per first letter: 22/7=3.14..);
  • Gematria value of the Hebrew word Torah is 611;
  • Small gematria is traditionally defined in Jewish scholarship as the sum total of the gematria values of individual letters comprising the word, with the zeros deleted; for example, the letter Yod (10) is counted as 1, the letter Resh (200) as 2 and so on. Accordingly, small gematria of the biblical-Hebrew word Torah17; Small gematria of the first verse of the Bible — 82;
  • According to Jewish tradition, Torah preceded the “beginning of the universe” (Be-reshit, “In the beginning”, the first word in Genesis 1:1). We replace the letters, comprising Be-reshit, by the respective letters in the Hebrew alphabet preceding them (except Aleph, the first in the Hebrew alphabet, which cannot be replaced). The gematria values of these six new letters sum up to 611, which is the gematria value of the word Torah (again, traditionally believed to precede Be-Reshit);

Associations between first verse in Genesis and Pi:

  • Sum of first 611 digits in Pi (after the decimal point) — 2701 (611= gematria for Torah; 2701= gematria of first verse in Torah)!!;
  • We repeat, with small gematria, the same “exercise”, as done earlier for “regular” gematria, to find out that in Pi, sum of the first 17 digits (after the decimal point) is equal to 82‼ ;
  • The 611 digits of Pi, starting with the seventeenth (namely, the last to represent Torah, in small gematria, in Pi), sum up to… 2701, again‼ ;
  • The 611 digits of Pi, starting with the digit after the seventeenth (the last to represent Torah, in small gematria, in Pi), sum up to… 2701, yet again‼ ;
  • The findings above (#2 and #4)  imply that the first 628 (17+611) digits of Pi, after the decimal point, are divided in two non-overlapping consecutive sets: The first set relates to small gematria17 digits (=Torah)  summing up to 82 (=first verse in Torah); The second (consecutive) set relates to regular gematria 611 digits (=Torah)  summing up to 2701 (=first verse in Torah)‼;
  • Incredibly, this structure has a mirror image reflected when counting in reverse: starting with the 628th digit and counting backward, we obtain for the first 17 digits a sum total of 82; Counting further back we obtain for the remaining 611 digits a sum of 2701

These mind-boggling findings by Oren Evron represent about 24 minutes from the complete video (lasting about 63 minutes).

A Mathematica program, in a PDF file, verifying Oren Evron’s findings, as detailed in this post, may be downloaded here:

Haim Shore_Verification of Links between Pi and Genesis first verse_Evron’s Findings_January 19 2020

A reninder about the importance of Pi: It appears in numerous scientitifc formulae, including the normal (Gauss) distribution and Einstein’s fundamantal equation of General Relativity. In other words, Pi is a basic building block of the universe.

(my own single finding about the relationship between Pi and the first verse of Genesis my be read here)

6 replies on “Linkage between Torah First Verse and Pi — Some of Evron’s Findings”

I expect that people have noticed that 628 is like 2Pi, which is a complete cycle of a wave of 360 degrees !
Maybe we are close to the end of a 6000 year cycle and the end times ?
That these findings have needed computers, shows that the computer age may be more risky, thus requiring us to enjoy these discoveries.
Praise God !
I have many finds, partly summed up with this 2373 + 629 + 581 + 117 + 42 + 31 = 3773 !
John 6:29 The work of God is to believe in him whom he sent.


John, thank you for the comment. The link you have made between 628 and 2Pi is very innovative and interesting. I agree with you that we are probably rapidly nearing end-times (Corona, Ukraine, finding large stores of gas in Israel, these are all inter-connected…). Blessing, Haim


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