My Research on Modeling Fetal and Child Growth

Modeling and Monitoring Fetal Growth

In the last several years (indeed since October, 2010), I have been engaged, with a team of researchers, in collecting data and constructing a new approach to modeling and monitoring fetal growth. The modeling approach is based on Response Modeling Methodology (RMM), a new modeling approach that I have developed in the last decade or so. The monitoring approach is based on modern principles of Statistical Process Control (SPC), more specifically, SPC-based monitoring of non-linear profiles.

With me in the research team is Dr. Diamanta Benson-Karhi, the initiator of this research effort (from the Open University of Israel), Prof. Asher Bashiri (of the Soroka Medical Center, affiliated to Ben-Gurion (BG) University), and, until recently, Mrs. Maya Malamud, who has just concluded her MSc studies, conducting research and supervising several undergraduate final-project teams in my department at BG University.

A first published document, describing the methodology developed within this research effort, is to appear in the June issue (2014) of Quality Engineering, a journal affiliated to the ASQ (American Society for Quality).

Details about the upcoming article may be found at my ResearchGate page:

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