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Response Modeling Methodology — Now on Wikipedia

Response Modeling Methodology (RMM) is now on Wikipedia!! RMM is a general platform for modeling monotone convex relationships, which I have been developing over the last fifteen years (as of May, 2017),  applying it to various scientific and engineering disciplines.

A new entry about Response Modeling Methodology (RMM) has now been added to Wikipedia, with a comprehensive literature review::

Response Modeling Methodology – Haim Shore (Wikipedia).


My Research on Modeling Fetal and Child Growth

Modeling and Monitoring Fetal Growth

In the last several years (indeed since October, 2010), I have been engaged, with a team of researchers, in collecting data and constructing a new approach to modeling and monitoring fetal growth. The modeling approach is based on Response Modeling Methodology (RMM), a new modeling approach that I have developed in the last decade or so. The monitoring approach is based on modern principles of Statistical Process Control (SPC), more specifically, SPC-based monitoring of non-linear profiles.

With me in the research team is Dr. Diamanta Benson-Karhi, the initiator of this research effort (from the Open University of Israel), Prof. Asher Bashiri (of the Soroka Medical Center, affiliated to Ben-Gurion (BG) University), and, until recently, Mrs. Maya Malamud, who has just concluded her MSc studies, conducting research and supervising several undergraduate final-project teams in my department at BG University.

A first published document, describing the methodology developed within this research effort, is to appear in the June issue (2014) of Quality Engineering, a journal affiliated to the ASQ (American Society for Quality).

Details about the upcoming article may be found at my ResearchGate page:

My Research on Modeling Fetal and Child Growth

RMM-based Modeling of Child Growth

The continuous monotone convexity (CMC) property, unique to Response Modeling Methodology (RMM), delivers a versatile platform for modeling fetal (pre-birth) and child (post-birth) growth.

In the linked article, now under review, we use real data to model child growth and compare the resulting growth curves to those obtained via generalized additive models for location, scale and shape (GAMLSS).

Haim Shore_Stepwise modeling of child growth with RMM_Feb 2014_2