Lectures on Robust Design (in Hebrew)

Lecture Series on Robust Design (Quality Engineering)

In this post I display a link to a series of videoed lectures (Hebrew), delivered to graduate students at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev during Spring Semester of 2014.

The trigger for videoing the lectures was a request from a female student, who could not attend the lectures (due to pregnancy). Later it had occurred to me that the videoed lectures could serve a wider purpose of exposing quality engineers and technicians in Israel to the robust design approach.

The series of lectures covers Taguchi approach to robust design, Orthogonal Arrays used to design needed experimentation, use of EVOP (Evolutionary Operation) to optimize a working (operative) process and finally Response Surface Methodology (RSM).

A link to all lectures is provided below. Each episode is about an hour long (though original lectures are each three-hour long). Links to supportive materials are also provided below.

Prof. Haim Shore Lectures on Robust Design (Hebrew) – Channel

פרופ חיים שור_נושאים מתקדמים באיכות_ דף נוסחאות

טבלאות אורתוגונליות_הנדסת איכות מתקדמת_פרופ חיים שור

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