My Research on the Bible and Biblical Hebrew

New Movie on Prof. Shore’s Biblical Research Findings (English-Hebrew)

A while ago I was approached by Mr. Oren Evron, who had suggested to produce a movie based on findings from my research on the Bible and on biblical Hebrew (as these are described in my book).

I happily accepted but clarified that my input to the production of the movie will be restricted to ensuring that my research findings are appropriately presented (from the scientific and the statistical perspectives).

The result is a fabulous high-quality movie, which presents, in a straightforward and easy-to-understand fashion, the findings and their profound significance.

A link to the channel, where the movie is posted, is given below:

The Torah – Math Unveils the Truth” (English)_by Oren Evron_Feb 2015

A link to the movie with built-in Hebrew subtitles is given below:

הסרט עם תרגום מובנה לעברית:

The Torah – Math Unveils the Truth” (English-Hebrew)_by Oren Evron_Feb 2015

6 replies on “New Movie on Prof. Shore’s Biblical Research Findings (English-Hebrew)”

Hello again, Dr. Shore. I’ve been reading through your blog, watched the movie, and now I’m reading your book. I started with chapter 23, which I’m still reading, to help my understanding of how you present your data. The parable was very helpful! I’m not great with numbers, and even worse with graphs, but I have enough of an understanding with the help of the parable. And I’m going to ask my father, an engineer, to help me with any questions I have about formulas throughout the book. Who knows… it may plant a seed in him :) He believes all of “this” is by chance.

I am so thrilled with what G-d has been revealing to me through your data and writings. I’m hoping to start school this fall at Moody Bible Institute here in Chicago to get a degree in Biblical language. I already know the Hebrew language contains many treasures, but I’m learning that it goes even deeper than I’d imagined and there are more aspects than I’d known. It’s been difficult to contain my excitement this past week with all I’m learning!! Thank you so much for all you share :)

I’m curious about the deviation of Earth in chapter 23. I don’t doubt that it holds a significance. Maybe G-d will reveal the answer to one of your readers. I’ll be praying about this.

Again, I thank you. I look forward to reading more of your book, more blog entries, and further communication with you. May Yehovah Elohim bless you abundantly, today and always!


Hello Janet, I was glad to hear from you again and thank you for the greetings. One needs such a lot these days. I wish you much success with your upcoming studies at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Best wishes to you from Israel, Haim

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Shalom…I could hardly move with the intensity of the movie..the truth contained therein. You have done a great service for Humanity. I teach Biblical Hebrew and in my intro class I always stress “The Hebrew will tell you the truth”…Little did I realize how powerful that statement really is. Words cannot convey the power of your research findings.
Thank you so much!
Theresa Anderson

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Theresa Shalom, Thank you so much for your supportive words. I am happy that your students will be able to learn from you a new perspective on the Hebrew language and about the Bible. I hope that each will find this new knowledge beneficial to her/his own personal development. Best wishes, Haim


Dear Prof Haim, thank you for the most excellent scientific contribution and research to Torah knowledge -the students at the Torah Research Academy of South Africa are thrilled.
Rector: Dr. Ryno Opperman


Dear Dr. Opperman, thank you for the words of appreciation for my contribution to Torah study. I feel privileged to perhaps have made a difference to your students at the Torah Research Academy. Haim


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