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Q&A with Haim Shore

Pursuant to recent introduction of Oren Evron’s English-version movie: “The Torah – Math Unveils the Truth”, a document of questions and answers (Q&A) is linked herewith:

Q&A with Prof Haim Shore (English)_Movie_The Torah-Math Unveils the Truth_Feb 2015

Link to the movie:

Oren Evron’s Movie: “Torah – Math Unveils the Truth”

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Since I very like science, that proofs the God existence and His glory, I have a question related to the New Testament’s words: “May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height” /Ephesians 3:18/
There are mentioned 4 dimensions. The one, that wondering me is the depth. Could it be, that there exists the 4th dimension – depth, that is related with the mass and the density of the matter?
One day in the University I started to sum 1+2+3+..+k, and I got a formula, that solves this easily. Then 1^2+2^2+3^2+..+k^2, and i got a formula. Then 1^3+2^3+3^3+…+k^3, and I found a formula. Accidentally I discovered, that (1+2+3+…+k)^2 = 1^3+2^3+3^3+…k^3. I do not know why The God gave me this, and I can not find a practical use of this formula, but it is very interesting.
The numbers sum of the first step can be pictured in 2-dimensional plane. The numbers sum of the square can be pictured in 3-dimensional space like a pyramid. But there is no good picture of the numbers sum of the cube. We can only use the same pyramid and color each cube of which the pyramid is made in different color (so giving different mass), so the top cube will be of mass 1, the second level of 4 cubes will be of mass 2, the third level of 9 cubes with the mass 3, and so on. It could be called a density pyramid, because each volume unit in different level has different mass increasing from the top to bottom.
Thank You for Your patience of understanding my question!

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Thank you for your comment. As in past responses, I do not relate to questions regarding the New Testament (for reasons that I have specified in my book and in earlier responses to similar questions). I wish you much success with your academic studies. Haim


Dear Haim, In relation to the excellent youtube movie, for the planetary work I would like to see more log-diameter data points between HNV 300 and 600, to establish linearity rather than a hyperbolic (or other type of curved) fit. Most importantly, as you pointed out, there are more Hebrew words for celestial bodies of intermediate diameter between those of the Earth and the Sun, as stated in the later parts of the movie, (for those cases only the mass and angular momentum correlations have been shown in the movie) so, my key question is (sorry to take so long to get to it) Have the log-diameter calculation versus HNV has been done for these additional planets? I would love to see this result. As it stands for the log-diameter vs. HNV data, one has two distantly separated points, so the position of a third single point (especially if it is close to one end of the distribution of masses on a line) can dramatically skew the shape of the correlation, hence the need for additional points (you are effectively relying on a single data point to establish the shape of the correlation curve). In fact, many important relationships in Physics have non-linear correlations, and in this case you are postulating a special significance for a linear correlation. Your cosmological time scale work is wonderful and certainly supports and complements the work of Aryeh Kaplan Z”L


Oren Evron kIndly pointed out to me the relevant part of the movie (55 minutes in) which shows the additional data on the log-diameter versus HNV for the other planets. Thankyou very much indeed !!


Hello Peggy, Mr. Oren Evron is a Jewish Israeli. He has assured me that he will elaborate on it in a more personal way soon. Thank you for your interest, Haim


Mr. Haim, you are truly a good man for creating this video and putting out this information. We are blessed to have people like you in our life to help lead us in the right direction. I am a Christian with an open mind and was wondering whether any scientific work has been done on the new testament Bible and whether you believe it was the work of man without YHWH’s permission or a continuation to the old testament Bible? (a.k.a Torah if I understand correctly)


Gera Hello, My appreciation for your remarks. I feel humbled by them. Thank you. Obviously, Mr. Oren Evron, who has initiated this movie and produced it, has a large part in “leading in the right direction”. Regarding your question about the New Testament, I have related to it already in my book when I wrote (therein, p. 7): “..I am convinced that my knowledge of the Old Testament and my acquaintance with it qualify me to an acceptable degree .. to write about coincidences therein. No similar qualification can be extended to the New Testament”. I hope that this responds to your question. I wish you much blessing, Haim


Bryan, thank you for your words of support. At your request, I have now posted Agrippa Key table, downloaded from the Internet, in a new post of this blog. I wish you success with your own research. Haim


Wow, I just watched you presentation, Amazing! Thank you! you have confirmed for me that my personal research I have been doing with Hebrew and English is important and profound. Question would it be possible to obtain the English Gamatria utilized in you study?


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