My Research on the Bible and Biblical Hebrew Videos

Is There Linkage between Biblical Hebrew and Physical Reality? (Video; Hebrew, English captions)

This presentation addresses the key question of whether biblical Hebrew is intrinsically linked to physical reality. Delivered at Bar-Ilan University, I explain in this lecture the methodology employed and demonstrate with some statistical results.

:”הרצאה בעברית שניתנה באוניברסיטת בר-אילן במסגרת יום עיון של ארגון “המטרה אמת

Is There Association Between Biblical Hebrew and Physical Reality? (Hebrew)

With English captions:

PowerPoint file used in the lecture (and some more) is linked below:

קובץ PP שנעשה בו שימוש בהרצאה (וקצת יותר) בקישורית שלהלן:

Prof Haim Shore Presentation at Bar-Ilan Univ_Hebrew-English_Nov 2015

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