Ha-Tikvah (“The Hope”)

Listening to the Israeli Anthem Ha-Tikvah (“The Hope”), performed in public, has always touched me deeply. Listening to it, I see a people, the Jewish people, that three millennia and a half ago had opted to strive to be not just like Elohim (God as creator), resulting most recently in a “Start-Up Nation”, but to be also like Jehovah (God of justice, love and grace). And for attempting to bequeath this “delusional” aspiration (be Jehovah-like) to the nations of the world, it has suffered so much at their hands— in expulsions, persecution and ultimately genocide.

The link below shows singing Ha-Tikvah at the conclusion of Israel’s national ceremony, taking place at Mount Hertzel in Jerusalem, which marks the opening of festivities of Israel’s Independence Day (taking place the following day):

Israeli Anthem Sung at Conclusion of Independence Day Ceremony


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