Forecasting and Monitoring of Surgery Times General Statistical Applications

My Trilogy of Articles on Surgery Times – Now Complete (Published)

The post delivers links to all three papers of Professor Haim Shore, published 2020/1, on modeling surgery times and application of the new model.

The third of three papers on modeling, monitoring and control of surgery times has just been published. Links to all three papers are given below.

Most recent paper, published on line Dec. 13, 2021, introduces a new methodology to estimate operating-room utilization-rate for differently distributed surgery-times: http://10.1080/00207543.2021.2009141

Second paper, published on line December 03,  2020, introduces a new methodology to monitor surgery duration, using Statistical Process Control (SPC):

First paper, published on line, May 07, 2020, develops a new statistical model for surgery time:


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