“Equality” – Sacred Cow that Distorts Observed Reality

In this post I address Equality, an originally Jewish value that has lately returned in the form of a sacred cow, which tends to distort observed reality.

“Equality”, an ancient Jewish value that has of late been “imported” back to the Jewish state in a distorted, largely reformed and deformed form, has since wreaked havoc on our ability to view reality as it is and to arrive at balanced and educated decisions.

In this post, I deliver three examples and address their implications.

A link to The Blogs on The Times of Israel:

Haim Shore_“Equality – the Sacred Cow”_The Times of Israel_August 14 2015

A PDF file of this post is attached:

Haim Shore_Equality-The Sacred Cow_Post in The Times of Israel_August 14 2015

7 replies on ““Equality” – Sacred Cow that Distorts Observed Reality”

Hopefully your statistical approach to decisions will have some effect against the current method of taking a survey of friends and family to create an opinion that will fly in that sphere.My name is ken but I’m considering to change it to Oolye because I live in hope.


A similar “blind spot” exists among those who find protecting animals and their “rights.” The equate man and animals and end of perverting the roles of both!

America’s preoccupation with homosexuality represents another type of moral perversion for the sake of equality.

May Hashem spare us from those whose vision is to distorted!


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Well said Professor,

I speak with people about similar subjects sometimes but many are brain washed and don’t even know it.

However, there is a big awakening movement,

Thank you for once again helping opening our eyes!



Oren, Thank you for your favorable words. You gave an excellent diagnosis: “People are brainwashed and they are not even aware of it”. Perceived distorted concept of “Equality” is just one further symptom for that. Haim


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