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In this personal blog I aim to express thoughts and ideas, related to my scientific research work, in minimally technical terms.

A link to my  book, “Coincidences in the Bible and in biblical Hebrew”, allows free download.

My research work has recently concentrated on three areas:

  • Response Modeling Methodology (RMM);
  • Bible and biblical Hebrew;
  • Statistical applications.

Additional entries on this blog include podcasts, videos and posts relating to general subjects (find details and links on List of Posts).

An authorized list of my publications may be found, in a PDF file, here.

Details about some of these are given below.

1. RMM

Developing a new statistical modeling approach, denoted Response Modeling Methodology (RMM). The underlying ideas and motivation that have led to developing the new approach, and its implication to the practice of statistics, are discussed in various blog entries, tagged “My research in statistics” (see link to Wikipedia entry below).

2. Bible and biblical Hebrew

Analyses relating to the Hebrew Bible and to biblical Hebrew. Results from some of these research efforts have been summarized in my book: “Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew” (2nd Ed., 2012). Related materials and additional commentaries, not included in the book, are posted in various blog entries (or linked to them).

The book in its entirety is now available for free download:


Bookmarks allow reaching easily any desired chapter, Table of Contents (TOC) or Table of Figures (activate bookmarks in Adobe Acrobat Reader).

3. Statistical Applications:

  • Developing a new approach, based on RMM and on modern principles of Statistical Process Control (SPC), to modeling and monitoring fetal-growth. This research effort is conducted by a team of researchers, which includes members from the Open University of Israel and from Soroka Medical Center (affiliated to Ben-Gurion University);
  • Modeling RMM-based growth-curves (pre-birth or post-birth), using non-linear quantile regression;
  • Modeling the distribution of surgery duration and monitoring it via SPC. This research effort aims to provide managers with forecast and control tools that would enable better utilization of operating rooms. Three related articles have by now (2022) been published.

Published literature, relating to these areas and others, may be found on my ResearchGate Page , and on other pages (see links below).

An additional area that my blog addresses (unlike the previous three, I do not classify it as scientific research):

4. Current Historical Coincidences

In my book (item 2 above) I detail some curious historical coincidences that have appeared over the years in Jewish history  (Chapter 20 therein). Two examples are the constant presence of adverse Hebrew-language connotations to names of historical adversaries of the Jewish people (names that had not originated in the Hebrew language), and the strange start date in the Hebrew-year calendar of the second Gulf war (March, 2003) a day after the first Gulf war abruptly ended (February, 1991). Posts in this category expound current historical coincidences that are interesting and surprising. However, they should be perceived for what they are, namely, coincidences (or not..).


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The book was published in English. There is a Hebrew version of the video and Hebrew subtitles to the English version (which is shorter than the Hebrew).


Prof. Shore,
Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful research!
As a musician I am curious if you have found any correlations with Music (notes, names, instruments etc..)
I have a good feeling you would find very significant correlation levels.


Hi Darren, Thank you for the appreciative words. I have not found any correlations with Music (neither have I tried to find some), but you may find on YouTube movies that correlate Hebrew letters with related sound. You may find these intriguing. Haim


Thank You Professor. I’m aware of that research which is truly phenomenal. But thank you for your reply.


Professor, I love your book, its not a one time read! I keep the book as a reference and have read most of it at least 5 times.
I have been searching for any research into the “shape” of the Jewish calendar. I intuitively believe there is a 3D TYPE structure in the calander. I find many articles and explanations about the cyclical nature of the clander but none that go beyond that basic thought, which is 2D. Genesis states that the moon and stars will be for, days, and seasons. There is a utube video showing the movenment of the earth in space as it spines like a corkscrew over the centuries. I think the calander would have similar “shape” (there may be a better word). Are there any statistical analysis or other sources you have read that addresses this thought in any form? Or, as a learned man whom I respect, do you think my thought is “on track” or am I really missing it?


Hello William, Thank you for your kind words about the book. I feel privileged to learn that you have benefited from it. I have on this blog a single post about how one can calculate the average duration of the lunar (synodic) month (in days), accurate to five digits after the decimal point, based on two traditional Jewish concepts (Ve-Yad and Baharad). Apart from that, I have not engaged in any other study of the structure of the Jewish calendar. Your idea of a 3D structure sounds extremely intriguing. If you have new findings in the future, I will be happy to learn of. Thank you so much for your interesting comment. Haim .


Professor, I love your book, its not a one time read! I keep the book as a reference and have read most of it at least 5 times.
I have been searching for any research into the “shape” of the Jewish calendar. I intuitively believe there is a 3D TYPE structure in the calander. I find many articles and explanations about the cyclical nature of the clander but none that go beyond that basic thought, which is 2D. Genesis states that the moon and stars will be for, days, and seasons. There is a utube video showing the movenment of the earth in space as it spines like a corkscrew over the centuries. I think the calander would have similar “shape” (there may be a better word). Is there any statistical analysis or other sources you have read that addresses this thought in any form? Or, as a learned man whom I respect, do you think my thought is “on track” or am I really missing it?


Hello Professor Shore,

I was hoping you could help me in understanding what I’m doing wrong. I was working out the Hebrew Numeric Values for the Moon, Earth, and Sun as stated in your book but I’m coming up with something different for Earth (Eretz). Earth in the Hebrew is ארץ. The numeric value for Aleph is 1 and 200 for Resh, but where I am stuck is I show 900 for Tsade rather than 90 because it is a Final Tsade. I am looking at the Hebrew wrong?

Thank you for help!


Hi Carl, in my statistical analyses I have made no distinction between letters that appear at end-of-word and same letters appearing elsewhere. I have not delved into exploring when the practice that you refer to (assigning different values for end-of-word letter) has originated but I know that both practices are used in numerical analysis of Hebrew words. Thank you for your comment, Haim


I’ve just finished your book, and WOW! Amazing!
But I have a doubt. On Chapter 8, where you talk about the planets, you wrote:
“One can easily understand why the source of the Hebrew general name for planets is mazalot, and why mazal also means ‘luck’. Planets are supposed to affect our lives, and their influence drips down to ‘make a difference’ in our lives.”
Astrology? I have a better explanation for that: in ancient times, Ptolemy’s geocentric model couldn’t explain the planets’ trajectories. That’s why they were called πλάνητες ἀστέρες (planētes asteres, “wandering stars” in Greek). Merriam-Webster’s definition of wander is “to move about without a fixed course, aim, or goal”. That’s probably why pagans associated their gods with planets. And that apparently uncertain behavior of planets could be the real reason why the Hebrew name for planet also means ‘luck’. What do you think?


Hello Nil,

Thank you for your kind comment. I am glad you liked the book and its contents.

Your suggested connection between planets (“Mazalot”) and “Luck”, as expressing ancient sentiment about the (then) unexplained random “wandering” of the planets, could form an excellent alternative explanation, were it not “extra-terrestrial” to Jewish thought. According to the latter (and I believe shared also by all other monotheistic faiths), nothing is random about what takes place in our lives. Rather, all result from human conduct and human moral choices. Therefore, the word-root of “Mazal” is not “random” but rather “pouring down”, implying abundance pouring down unto humans from Heaven (via “Mazalot”) as Divine reaction to humans’ moral conduct. Observe, for example, the repeated theme in Scripture of the ultimate abundance “pouring down”, namely, rain; The emphasis is always on the Divine letting rain or barring rain as Divine “allowance” or punishing. In summary, since “Mazalot” implies “pouring down”, I believe that the right explanation should be based on a perception of abundance pouring down rather than random (unexplainable..) trajectories of the planets. Of course, your explanation still stands with regard to the then pagan Greek and the Greek language. Per the Hebrew “Mazalot”, however, analysis based on Hebrew word-root structure suggests otherwise.

I appreciate very much your insight and your inputs. Thank you. Haim


I didn’t like your book. I LOVED it.
But how is my theory incompatible with Jewish thought? I am not suggesting they did believe planets’ trajectories were random. I’m just saying they couldn’t understand their order at first (like the Jewish scholars who were puzzled by the word Eretz). While pagans looked at planets and said “Man, those stars are freaks… totally random… they must be divine…”, Hebrew people looked at the same weird stars and said “Those stars seem to be freaks, but there must be some kind of order in their trajectories… after all, nothing is random… we just don’t know that order yet…” You say “the word-root of ‘Mazal’ is not ‘random’ but rather ‘pouring down'”, but you were the one who wrote “mazal also means luck”. I was quoting you. Luck is, by definition, something we can’t foresee. If we could, there would be no casinos. We do have statistics, and we can use it to improve our chances, but we can’t be 100% sure we’ll win (unless we’re cheating). That’s why this chapter reminded me of the word planet’s etymology. And it made sense. Obviously your book would have been even better if ‘mazal’ meant something like ‘order’ or ‘predictable’. That would have been another astounding coincidence for your collection.
Now, I have another doubt on a different chapter, triggered by an atheist friend’s post on Facebook. I would have discussed this other issue with him, but my Hebrew is not as good as my English, so I need help.



Thank you for your comment. I did not just liked it, I LOVED it!!

You are right that I have used the word “Luck” as English for the Hebrew “Mazal”; but only for lack of a better word in English. Indeed, the two mean completely different things. You may say in Hebrew “She had Mazal” (for example, escaping unhurt from a car accident), yet in English you need to add a qualifying word: “good luck” or “bad luck”? The reason is, as we have discussed earlier, because Mazal implies abundance flowing down while the English luck only implies a random occurrence. I totally accept your very good explanation of how ancient Israelites probably interpreted differently the unexplainable trajectories of the planets, assuming, due to their monotheistic faith, that there must be overall order in the sky. It is indeed my personal belief that the very religious Newton would not have made the great leap from the paganic view (of different forces implemented by different Deities) to the scientific view (same law applies to a “falling apple” and to the planets) were it not for his strong belief in the Divine imposing order in the form of universal laws.

I will be happy to address any further remarks you might have (as you had indicated in your last comment).



I couldn’t find the Reply link in your last answer, so I hope you don’t mind if I go on here. That might confuse other people who read our conversation, but I had no choice.
Thanks for the clarification! Now I understand what you meant with luck. Something similar happens in my native language. In Portuguese, we have a word for good luck (sorte) and another one for bad luck (azar). In English, luck is usually associated with positive things, but sometimes it means chance, random. Your translation is not bad. I’m the one who misinterpreted that part, because I instantly remembered the origin of the word planet.
The other thing I wanted to ask is about the Genesis. I don’t remember the exact words but what my friend said was something like this: “And in the seventh day God rested because, apparently, omnipotence has limits.” My friend seems to think God needed to rest because He was too tired of creating the universe. I remember what you wrote about the distinction between creating, forming and doing, but the keyword here would be ‘rested’. I don’t think ‘rested’ means God was tired. It simply means he stopped, because, as you said in your book, we are supposed to complete His work. So, what is the Hebrew word usually translated by ‘rest’, and what are its possible meanings?


The word used in the Hebrew Genesis is “Shavat”, which means “ceased” or “stopped”. “Shabbath” derives from same word-root. In modern Hebrew, it is also used to mean “going on strike” (namely, “stopping work”). The Hebrew for resting is “Nach” (from which the Hebrew name of Noah is derived, as specified in Genesis).

I do not know whether God was tired on Friday, I was not there at the time.


Thank you! That’s what I thought, but I had to be sure. So why do they insist in the ‘rested’, rather than ‘ceased’ or ‘stopped’ when translating that part?
Oh, and there is another thing I wanted to ask before, but I couldn’t remember its technical name. Have you ever heard of extremophiles? Because I was wondering if they could fill that gap you mention in the third day from Creation.


You may find a post on “Why Third Day of Creation is Different” on this blog. This is my last message in this exchange.


Thanks for this article. I will also like to mention that it can always be hard when you find yourself in school and starting out to initiate a long credit score. There are many scholars who are merely trying to pull through and have a lengthy or beneficial credit history can be a difficult thing to have.


Jack, thank you for the comment. I had difficulty understand what you mean by “credit history” and which article you refer to. Please be more specific so that I can relate to your comment. Haim


Thank you. I believe we are all saviors of our own selves. I feel privileged to perhaps have contributed to your spiritual development. Take care, Haim


Howdy Professor Haim Shore
1. Wow!
2. What a work of Art and Science.
3. I can’t imagine your Aha moment when your hunches were proven right.
4. It ‘Shores’ up our occasional moments of doubts.
5. Wow!


Hello Ong Hin,
It is my turn to say- Wow!!! How perceptive you are!!
You are absolutely right: When I first obtained the new findings on my computer’s screen I could not believe my eyes – it was so overwhelming! I ran around like a lion in a cage. I then ran and re-ran the program and still got exactly same results. It took me a while to digest all these new findings and apprehend that these are all for real.
Thank you for your appreciative words.
Much blessing,


Dear prof. Shore,
Yesterday I downloaded your book: “Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew”. So I just started reading the book. On page 24 you use the word “nature” and the numerical value of 86. This would ofcourse support my friend Spinoza’s claim of “Deus sine natura”, but I also was told that the Hebrews didn’t have the concept of “nature” as such. Nature would have been a much younger concept, maybe Greek or Roman. Could you please explain things ? For instance wich Hebrew word you had in mind and its English translation with the numerical value of 86 ?
Hope to hear from you.


Johan, thank for your comment. As I state in the cited reference, I do not deal in my Bible and biblical Hebrew research in Gematria. Therefore, I am responding to you quite reluctantly. The Hebrew word is “Ha-Teva” (the nature) that has numerical value of 86. “Teva” is used in modern Hebrew for “Nature”. I have never investigated when this use started and I believe you are right in asserting that use of this word as such for nature is recent. Yet, you may find use of the root of this word at least in two verses in the Bible in the sense that the Divine has imprinted His law on nature (Proverbs 8:25 and Job 38:6). Therefore there is some basis in the Bible to modern use of Teva as nature. I hope that you find my response satisfactory. Regards, Haim


Dear Prof. Shore,
Thanks for your very satisfying answer. It completely smooths out the small disturbance I had in my mind. Your book is exiting and resonating stuff and I hope I can ask you new questions when they appear?
Indeed, best regards,


Professor..should change your name to .. Professor I AM Shore.. Shore are amazing.. Wowww.. speechless.. thank God for men like you…. ..dude ..your findings need to be foundational.. in any.. and all education systems..my God..I wooda paid more attention in school wit you on a DVD.. May you own the camels on a thousand hills.. .Thankyou ..don’t do it justice..


Peter, thank you for the appreciative words. They are appreciated. I am not sure what you meant about “owning camels”. There are many camels in Israel. I myself own a few. However, I doubt that I can reach a point when I “own the camels on a thousand hills”. If you can help me with some practical advice that would be great. Take care, Haim


Professor Shore, sorry – I sent my 1st comment too fast. I feel very Lucky to have come across your name today :)


Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you find the posts in my blog helpful for your own personal development. Haim


What a wonderful thing to say! Thank you for the comment. I hope you find the blog a good source for learning and developing.


Thanks for sharing excellent informations. Your website is so cool. I am impressed by the details that you’ve on this web site. It reveals how nicely you perceive this subject. Bookmarked this web page, will come back for more articles. You, my pal, ROCK! I found simply the information I already searched all over the place and just could not come across. What an ideal web-site.


Thank you, Dusty, for your kind words. I feel privileged to perhaps have made a difference in your life. Take care, Haim


Hi Haimshore,
how to find the most effective input on system response. I had a system with some controllable inputs. I am using DoE to get the experimental data. After I got the data, how to know which factor will effect my system response mostly or in sorting order. Thanks in advance.




I am reaching out for help ive been really going through a great deal of spiritual battle GOD came to me and i have a gift and know the code i know alot as if i lived it i know about stars and mathmatics and history ive never studied in my life i know things no-one else knows please for your belief and love of god im reaching out


Dear professor Shore, I read something of your book “coincidences of the Bible and hebrew words a names and his relation with scienttific paradigma. the 2 of november my wife and me go to Israel for two weeks, I´m rofe mishpaja, we are spanish jews, we are very interesting in your marvellous results in your book. Finaly we are very interesting in contact with you, if you can in Israel in the next days


I have been searching for your email to contact you as well, as I have a question for you. I recently found the video based on your works, on the mathematical proof of the Torah. My question concerns the timeline correlation between the dates of our calendar and the scientific data. At about 1 hour 4 minutes into the video, this is discussed, and it is stated that man was created 0.0002 billion years ago, and yet I have learned that our calendar date of 5777 starts with the creation of man. I’m anxious to reconcile this so that I can present your great work to some skeptical, genius, atheist relatives of mine who went to yeshiva but are now off the derech of Torah. Thank you.

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Rachel, Thank you for your comment. My research is not “a mathematical proof of the Torah”, neither was it intended to be so. In my work on Genesis creation narrative, I have stated that there are three time-scales (refer to Section 22.2 in my book): The scientific time-scale (measured in billions of years since Big-Bang); Genesis Creation time-scale (measured in “Days”); Jewish calendar time-scale (measured in years since creation of Adam and Eve). My research relates only to the first two time-scales and shows that they are in fact identical (only expressed in different time units). Your comment refers to the third time-scale, which I have not addressed at all. To your point: today’s science believes that the Homo-Sapiens, the human species to which we belong according to science, is about 200,000 years old. Translated into billion of years (the scientific time-scale, in billion of years), one obtains the value that you have quoted. I hope that my response answers your question. Haim


I’ve heard about your research from youtube. Then i came here just to tell you that your research is amazing and incredible. And I also wanted to thank you for sharing your research.


Thank you for your appreciative comment. It gives me much content to have learned that my research findings might have made a difference. Regards, Haim


Dear Prof. Haim,
Thank you to both you and Oren Evron for producing this fascinating and inspiring movie, and making your book freely available.
I was wondering if you could help me to establish using your work that the ancient Sabbath was initially the day following the night of the full moon. Along with Scriptural references I have found a few writings that seem to point in that direction. There are three that I will link to here, and if you could look at them and any help would be sincerely appreciated!

Dear Prof. Haim,
Thank you to both you and Oren Evron for producing this fascinating and inspiring movie, and making your book freely available.
I was wondering if you could help me to establish using your work that the ancient Sabbath was initially the day following the night of the full moon. Along with Scriptural references I have found a few writings that seem to point in that direction. If you could look at them please, any help you could give would be sincerely appreciated. I will post some links in a new message.

Shabbot of the Full Moon, by Dr. Jacob L. Wright


Dear Trish, I have read the whole article which you have kindly indicated to me. I believe that too often and too lightly the author jumps from trivial facts to general conclusions (like relating to the fact that Shabbat is mentioned after moon-renewal as indicative of Shabbath relating to celebration of full moon). Furthermore, ignoring that Shabbat in Hebrew derives from same root as “Cease work”, or ignoring at all that Shabbat relates only to cessation of all sorts of “Melachah” (and not to “Avodah”), a distinction in Biblical Hebrew not even mentioned in the article, All these cast some doubt on the validity of the analysis given therein. Please note that these are just superficial first impressions that might have changed if I was privy to all sources mentioned in the article. Bottomline: at this point I doubt the main assertion of the article. Best wishes for the new Hebrew year, Haim.


Prof. Shore,

Was there a follow-on study for other parts of Torah after Genesis: An Authorship Study in Computer-Assisted Statistical Linguistics that you co-authored with Prof. Radday in 1985?

P.S. – I am reading your Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew. Very interesting, a good resource.


Keith, Thank you. With the late Prof. Radday, we have conducted an additional study of the unity of the Book of Judges. You may read a report about this study in a published article posted on my page at ResearchGate (sort my publications from “Oldest” to “Newest” to get quick access to that source). Haim


Shalom, Prof. Shore,

I don’t know if this is within your expertise, but was wondering how Planet X might affect us. I have been following that the magnetic north pole has been shifting faster over the past several years.- from only feet in Newton’s day to 25-40 miles a year now. It is said to be moving southward towards Siberia. And some web sites say this is the major cause of ‘climate change’.

Q: Would Planet X come close enough to affect this shifting of the pole? Would a complete flip be triggered?


p.s. I enjoyed the Coincidences book very much – Esther and Laban – especially.


Pam, Thank you for your positive comment about my book and its contents. I am sorry that I cannot really provide you any useful info about shifting of the pole further to that which you can easily find on the Internet. Haim


Hi Professor Shore,

I am very troubled by the ‘flat earth’ theory. I see many intelligent people adamantly believing and defending this nonsense. It’s very shocking to see. I was wondering if you had heard of this and if you have some explanation about what is causing this mass delusion.



Hi, Scott
I am not the good Professor, but Islam has a few verses that suggest the earth is flat:
“the verses al-Ghashiyah 88:20, an-Nazi`at 79:30, adh-Dhariyat 51:20 and ash-Shams 91:6 seem to imply that the earth is actually flat and expanding.”
al-Ghashiyah 88:20 And the earth, how it is spread?

adh-Dhariyat 51:20   And the earth have We laid out, how gracious is the Spreader (thereof)!

ash-Shams 91:06   And the earth and Him Who spread it,

I don’t know if this is where it originated or not.

Isa 40:22 He who sits on the circle of the earth, even those living in it are like grasshoppers; He who stretches the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to live in;


Hi Pam,

Thank you for your input. I didn’t know about that because I have never opened up any islamic texts, and have no desire to.

The whole thing to me is so preposterous that I can’t even bring myself to debate with these flat-earth people.

We’re living in strange times.



I am sorry if I offended. I want to be in a position to refute when needed.
No other scriptures has the depth that the Holy Bible does, imo.


Hello Scott, This is one of the rare occasions that I am left speechless, my mouth wide-open in an uncontrollable gesture, tongue tending to fall out of my mouth, and my eyes looking up intensely, scanning the sky to find out whether exterrestrials have arrived to Planet Earth and nobody bothered to update me about this historical event…


Ok fair enough, I thought it was funny at first too, but after hearing from who is believing this junk, it will send a chill through you. We better be grounded in God’s Word because very deceptive times are upon us.

Good day.


Scott, can you please tell us who it is that you are talking about who believe this? I’m curious as I’ve also been looking into this theory.

The flat earth theory is from the newly popular Book of Enoch. You can also check out the YouTube video from 119 Ministries, ‘A Biblical Profile of Nimrod’ which explains the Sumerian root of flat earth belief, connected with the god Anu. I also found a great article on flat earth and BoE connection on this website: http://thecreatorscalendar.com/


Two’s in Esther
two banquets by King Ahasuerus
another two banquets (by Queen Vashti and the king)
two sets of seven who serve the king
two queens
two six months of beautification
twice states that Esther did not reveal her heritage
twice states that events were written down
two promotions
two officials (doorkeepers) who became angry and sought to lay hands on the king
two edicts
two fasts
two additional banquets (by Esther
Mordecai did not honor Haman twice
Haman recounts events to his wife and friends twice
two councils by Zeresh, Haman’s wife
gallows mentioned twice
two feasts of Purim
two edicts for Purim

Perhaps the emphasis on two also was significant – look for a second fulfillment.


Shalom, Professor Shore. I am reading Your paper “Coincidences in the Bible and in biblical Hebrew”. I’m a production engineer and it’s very exciting to see research like this, applied to the scriptures. It is a very rich research! Congratulations. Best regards.


Aylla shalom, Thank you for the kind words. I agree with you that it is exciting to realize that same quantitative techniques that we use to make wise decisions in production management (for example, in quality control) can uncover a whole new universe shining from scriptures.
As a colleague sharing same professional expertise (though now retired), I wish you great career as a production manager. Take care, Haim



Dear Prof. Shore,

It is a pity that with over 800 reads your very interesting and well documented book on biblical Hebrew, ResearchGate has recorded no citations. I hope to change that soon. If you are interested to know more about my research, please contact me.

Marion Ceruti


Dear Rev. Dr. Ceruti,

Thank you for your comment. I agree with you wholeheartedly! Of course, the reason for no citation on ResearchGate to my research on the Bible and on biblical Hebrew is that editors of scientific journals have been less than forthcoming regarding publication of my research findings. As I noted in my book and elsewhere, there had been unwillingness even to let my research findings undergo the regular reviewing process, as done with any scientific article submitted for publication. Perhaps editors’ reluctance is somewhat understandable, given the seemingly implausibility of my research statistical findings.

I am looking forward to see your research and will communicate with you privately soon.




Hi Professor. Intrigued by your research, I plotted HNV for Sun, Moon, and Heavens (Aleph, Mem, Shin summing to 341), and used Pi^2 instead of the ln(diam in km) for Heavens, and found a R^2 value of exactly 1. I thought that was very interesting.


Scott, the biblical word Emesh, which you relate to, means “Last night” (not Heavens). Thank you for your comment. Haim


HI Sir and I do hope you are sitting down. For many years I thought Germetria or whatever was so much nonsense and then I finally realized that all was fractions and all was 7 and more importantly that according to the ancient traditions “God” had commanded “his chosen” to keep his word and as you emphasize “Do not change one single letter” . Well I for many years knew there was numerical codes hidden within the numbers in the Bible ( I do not have access to The Torah) but I had no idea, until a Jewish friend at work told me of your work. Now to pit it in perspective I have for many, many years been studying The Giza Plateau and looking for a mathematical code hidden within. I came to the realization that The Giza Plateau was really our solar system in stone but had little corroborating evidence … until you cane along. However because The Torah is adamant that only fractions be used I took the liberty of using what I consider one of the fundamental building block fractions of creation 12 /7 and added 1 to get 19/7 as the log base number and got these values fro the accepted masses of the three heavenly bodies you chose.

(* This comment has been shortened due to its unusual length; Please contact commenter for further details*)

..I am astonished that i would find that value here. But i get so much better. Remember earlier I said i had been trying to prove that The Giza Plateau was in a 9 by 11 ratio well I divided Log value of The Sun using 19/7 as my log base and got 69.816780887204 for Earth I got log value of 57.133208582 Divide the log value of Sun and arth and we get, believe it or not … 1.222 … Sir this is exactly, and I mean exactly in the ratio of 9 to 11. It is almsot scary.


Thank you so much for the final nail in the coffin or darkness.



Dear Don, Thank you for the interesting details about your research work and your findings. Regrettably, I had to shorten your comment since comments in response to a post on a blog are intended to address the contents of the post and be succinct. I suggest that you expound results from your work in your own blog and I will be happy to show a link to this blog if you sent an appropriate short comment. I wish you success with your research, Haim.


A wonderful research. I have sent, to your email, a sample of the Bible explanations which my friend receives from higher worlds and it correlates very nice with your findings. My question to you is: כימה and כסיל are considered stars from Orion group and you connect them with Mercury and Mars. Can you explain, please, why have you chosen to disregard what is considered to be the situation?


Abraham, Thank you for your appreciative words. In my book, based on preliminary explorative analysis that I have conducted, I assume that all names in the Bible referring to celestial objects indeed relate to planets. Later statistical analysis corroborates this assumption to a high degree. For example, sorting planets in an ascending order according to their HNVs (Hebrew Numerical Values) and according to their diameters, shows that for the only three planets, having their names pretty clear (namely, Earth (“Eretz”), Venus (“Mazar”) and Jupiter (“Shachar”)), this trio of planets occupy same ordinal positions in both sorted lists !!!

The calculated probability of this occurring by chance is extremely small. Find more details in Oren Evron’s movie and in my book (Ch. 8). Haim


the point may not be in finding the right scale of time …..because God simply could have worked harder/faster in different days so as to give the appearance that long periods were used (note there would be little to no difference between looking old and being old since both those concepts with time were all created at the same time and only have meaning wrt how the author defines them wrt each other) ..God practically stated that he created them to look or be “old” (2Peter 3:5) but the real point is who or what you put your faith in what God said or do you go with the scientific data that itself was created to have a certain appearance in the first place……… God did it exactly the way he said he did in six days (each day the same amount of “time”/24 hours) However, God accomplished this by working “faster” and or did more in any given 24 hour period so as to give the appearance of great time and the linear correlation to “scientific data” … (since God practicaly bragged about that fact he did) It is fundamentally just a issue of faith…..do you go with your “data” (God said six days but it was realy billions of years) or God did exactly what he said and defined six 24 hour days but manipulated his “work ethic” (how much or little work he did during a “fixed period of time” ie 24hours/ a day) so as to yield the final result with a bonus added for all the faithless…..namely a strong delusions (2thess 2:11)


Allen, The seven days of Genesis are not your regular 24-hour days, as we know them. This is repeated in various verses of the Bible. For example: “..and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of the seven days, on the day that the Lord binds up the breach of his people..” (Isaiah 30:26). Also, the sun and the moon were created on the fourth day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Haim


I agree that the “&” days of creation may be millenia – and further, there is no need for each ‘day’ to be the exact same length.
Personally, I read “evening” as “morning” as going from a state of dis-order to a state of order. Life itself is maintaining order (keeping entropy at bay)..


As a Christian engineer i have long struggled with the book of Genesis. I believe in the scriptures, but I also find it impossible to ignore the scientific data. I have long assumed the problem was one of units of time measure but seeing it worked out in such detail was a revelation that was much appreciated.


Thank you for your kind comment. Being an engineer who probably knows and understands quantitative analysis, I am sure you are better equipped than most in grasping the importance of identifying the right scale in interpreting Genesis creation story. As you rightly noted, it turns out to be perfectly aligned with modern cosmology and more. Kind regards, Haim


חיים שור, שמי בן, אם תוכל לענות על שאלות שלי בצורה פרטית בדרך של אימייל או טלפון.. אשמח אם תקדיש לי שתי דקות מזמנך לשאלות על התגלית המדהימה שלך.
זה המספר שלי 0523585678
זה האימייל benbalulu
זה הפייסבוק.. ben tamir balulu
רק תבחר דרך וכל כך אשמח!!


בן, תודה על הערתך. תוכל ליצור איתי קשר דרך האי מיל שלי, שנמצא באתר המחלקה שלי באוניברסיטה. חיים


Shalom Haim,

I’m reading your book and want to thank you for sharing.
Here is some other coincident I found that is not from the bible but about precision of our universe.
How length of the lunar year fits in our earthly cycles? That I thought could be a part of some other rhythm in our fine tuned universe. So:

Listening about Einstein and Theory of Relativity – one of the examples tells that there is no experimental physical difference between chamber on Earth surface and chamber flying in space with acceleration ~ 9.80665 m/s*s to match Earth gravitational force ~ 9.80665 N/kg

If taken further this means that just because we are all here on Earth matches as if we are flying in accelerating space ship.

Moving with acceleration increases your speed and the maximum speed allowed in the universe is the speed of light 299,792,458 m/s
So out of curiosity how long does it takes for us to reach the limit

299,792,458 m/s divide by 9.80665 m/s*s =30570323 s = 509505 min = 8492 h = about 354 days it takes for an object on the earth surface to reach the same experience as if reaching the speed of light on the space ship.

Liked by 1 person

Alexander, thank you for publicly sharing your observation on my blog. Any thoughts about the significance of your finding? Haim,


Hello Professor,
I’d like to kindly request your permission to translate your material to Spanish, I work as medical interpreter and also I am an independent writer. I found your material fascinating and it would be an honor and a privilege if you allow me to work in such an amazing task.



Yosef, thank you for your comment and suggestion. Please contact me via my university e-mail so that we may address the suggestion. Shabbat Shalom, Haim


Every Jewish scientist needs to see this work. I believe that the medical world could be revolutionized by taking the Torah more seriously (until the pharma and device makers realize that the revolution would virtually eliminate their revenue) and untold suffering could be eliminated.

I hope you find the time to continue this work to show the world that the Torah is from outside this time domain from The Divine Author and it can be wholly trusted as the only guide to walking a path that leads to true Shalom.

While we should not need science to validate God it appears we have run so far from Him that we will only believe in Him if science tells us to.

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Sounds great but how to know what the torah is saying is the underlying issue. How many recognize the cuneiform roots of lashon kodesh? And the hieroglyphic roots of cuneiform? who knows the meanings of these “pointers”? Words are sounds pointing to concepts or ideas, ie. words are symbols. If words are composed of letters which themselves are symbols (hieroglyphics) — which talmudical reference is taking it to that level? No rebbie in my yeshiva had us studying hieroglyphics or cuneiform. LOL It’s a masquerade of fools LOL


Pity it wasn’t a completely straight line ! – just being perfectionist.
And the English word month is based on moon too. (monað)

Does everything in Creation/Hebrew point to a narrow path?

Earth seems to pop-out a wee bit on the ‘sizes’ chart.

I found the matching time-scales to be the most impressive although the 14th hour is not readily (emphasis) recognisable from the text.


Dave, Thank you for the comment. I hope you find time to read my Q&A document which addresses some of the points that puzzle you. Take care, Haim


Shalom, Haim!
I came across your site in one of my many searches for better understanding of scripture from original language. I realized some time ago that I was studying from inaccurate translations. I’ve been learning quite a bit here and there in the past few years by learning about Hebrew and by seeing pattrns and correlations (and even abscences). I haven’t yet read your book, but intend to very soon.

I just finished watching a video of your interview with Avi ben Mordechai. Wow!!! :)
During the last 1/3 of the video when you’re talking about “randomness” I experienced a profound shift. The only way I can think of to describe it is that I had the physical feeling of my heart being aligned. It made me think of God’s promise to write His laws on my heart.

I don’t imagine that all of a sudden I’m going to follow all of His laws, but I do believe that God hass caused some kind of shift within me.

I look forward to reading your book along this journey through scripture. I thank God for you. I’m so fascinated and excited by the intelligence and insight God has blessed you with. I’ll be in touch again :)

Shalom, Janet

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Janet shalom, Your message has touched me to the core. Thank you. Be blessed and have all the love that you can contain. Haim


Shalom Haim,
I am the founder of so called Scientific Kabbalah and this is something which we would consider the great proof of the Science behind the Hebrew Bible (Tahach). Scientific Kabbalah is above Classical Kabbalah as well as above so called Torah’s Code introduced by Professor Eliyahu Rips and distributed by Rabbi Zamir Cohen within his web-site http://www.hidabroot.org . I will introduce you soon about my discoveries and until then I wish to know where I can download your free book, as so far I didn’t find any link for it on your blog here. You can read my articles in English about various subjects on my scribd account>>>www.scribd.com/dstrossmayer
The most sincerely, David Strossmayer-Architect


David shalom, I was not aware of Scientific Kabbalah. Thank you for letting me know about it. I hope that my scientific findings indeed will be useful in advancing your scientific research on this very important issue. Re. your question: my book is available for download on the very same page where your comment appears. I hope you will enjoy also reading the non-scientific parts of the book. Haim


Shalom Haim,
Thanks for your prompt answer!
I downloaded your free book and will soon print it out so that I can study it carefully. Your discoveries are exactly what we are looking for to find, i.e. science behind the Tanach (Hebrew Bible). I will make my relevant material, published on the scribd account in Croatian language, available in English and Hebrew and let you know what exactly I am talking about. However your discoveries made me very happy, as It is proof beyond any scientific doubt, that I am not so alone in my perspective of the Universe.
The most sincerely, David


I actually stumbled on this because I was looking to find the original Hebrew names of the planets and the constellations. A self made Hebrew student saw the words math and Torah and forwarded it to me. The correlations are amazing!!! I’m new to Hebrew (as a busy father of 4) but I’m not new to science confirming the accuracy of the Torah. This material has faith confirmed in it.

Do you have correlated names of the constellations?

The other hand says YOU CANT CHANGE YHWH’s TORAH. Any change leads to improper understanding, and therefore error. Dan 7:25 “the beast shall intend to change the times and the laws”.


Dear Max, thank you for your message and for referencing my research findings. A basic assumption in my research is that all names relating to celestial objects in the Jewish Hebrew Bible (most appear in the ancient book of Job, traditionally attributed to Moses) are names of the planets. My statistical analysis validates this assumption to a large degree. I am aware that in the past some Jewish interpreters of the Hebrew Jewish Bible had assumed that certain names related to constellations of stars (sets of stars visible to our ancestors). In my book (downloadable free from this blog) you may find some analyses relating to traditional names assigned to the planets. However, I differ about that. My statistical analysis, delivering significant results, suggests different names (as shown in the movie). I wish you fruitful research, Haim


The Scriptures Reveal the Alpha~Numeric Mystery of Pi
The Book Names are links to the Gematria Totals for the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek text, then click the verse address for the Verse Number.

The Second number at the end of each verse is the English text calculated @ A-1 – Z26
English Gematria Calculator

The Pi digits are links to the calculation for each verse number…

(Due to its length, this comment had been shortened; Please contact author of this comment for more details)


Dear Ebed, thank you for the comment. Due to its length it might take me sometime to read the details in full. Haim


Very interesting work, professor

Have you ever been shown that the distribution of the integers in Pi in radix 10 is the basis for the systems of Ordinal and Standard Gematria ?

I have a proof that spans 500+ pages I am finalizing, am curious if you have heard of this before ?


Hello, thank you for the fast response :)

First off, thank you for the video on YT

I will not be publishing yet, perhaps as early as July, depending on a few factors, but I thank you for your interest. My work is partially an analysis on the systems of Hebrew Gematria, and the modern Cannon, although there are some very interesting things that pertain solely to the Torah

Also, ( professor ) since I am sure you are familiar with RSA encryption and Euler’s totient function, I thought I would point out something that we could discuss in the future, since I am sure you are familiar with the Mazzaroth…

…I won’t warble on with trivial maths in your blog comments, but I am very curious about hearing your opinion on what I have posted, as well as what I’ll be publishing in the future

Thanks for your time,

(Due to its length, this comment had been somewhat shortened; Please contact author of this comment for more details)


Dear Isaak, your info about the distribution of integers in Pi is new to me. All I know is that often scientists and engineers use those integers to generate random numbers (for computer simulation) because the Pi integers are considered best source for generating random digits for computer simulation purposes. I am looking forward to learn of your new findings once your new book is published. I wish you success with this book, Haim


The Video is amazing. I just downloaded your book and i will be sharing it. I have just recently started studying the Hebrew alphabet and it is quite easy to see how the letters and words are put together that they have to be by Divine Origin. I had no idea of the the things you revealed in the video. I guess I am not to old to learn Hebrew even if I am 82 years old. I very much appreciate your work.


Dear Pastor McRee,
Thank you so much for your message and your kind words about my research.
I believe that the profound significance of this research findings is that for the first time in human history, Earth and Heaven (in the sense expounded in Genesis 1:1) have been scientifically linked. This message is worth spreading.
I admire your wish to learn Hebrew (not an easy task, you probably know). The language never ceases to amaze me, especially for its chemistry-like structure, as you have rightly hinted to.
I wish you success with your new endeavor. Haim


New activity on your video:
Ebed Tsaphan shared Math Unveils The Truth! The Torah Was Given by a
Supreme Being! by Professor Haim Shore on Google+
The Scriptures Reveal the AlphaNumeric secret of Pi

@ BetReshAlephShinYadTaw blogspot com

SEE the end of this post, for a couple of examples on How to see His
Symmetry from the beginning…The Sum


New activity on your video:
Pedro Pachano shared Math Unveils The Truth! The Torah Was Given by a
Supreme Being! by Professor Haim Shore on Google+
Amazing, a must see!!


Dear Dave, thank you for sharing this important movie, produced by Mr. Oren Evron. I hope your viewers will share your appreciation of this movie. Thanks for the kind words, Haim


Barbara Dahm
18 hours ago
This is an amazing moving that must be seen. Truly mind blowing!

21 hours ago

Kar Nour
4 hours ago
Very powerful..


Dave, I have requested in a comment on your channel, some time ago, that the words “by Professor Haim Shore” be removed from the title of this movie. The latter was produced by Mr. Oren Evron and stating that I have produced it is misleading. Thank you for your consideration. Prof. Haim Shore


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