Lectures on Robust Design (in Hebrew) Videos

Lectures on Robust Design (13 Episodes, Hebrew)

A series of thirteen videos of lectures on robust design (quality engineering), delivered by me to graduate students from industry at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Summer, 2014).

The initiative to record these lectures came from a female student, pregnant at the time, who was unable to attend the lectures.

here is the link:

General Statistical Applications

Total Quality, Quality Control and Quality by Design (Book, in Hebrew)

This book was self-published back in 1992 (2nd edition in 1995). A unique feature of the book is that each page is structured as a separate slide, which may be integrated into a presentation. Related theoretical material is deferred to the appendices.

The book had gained popularity in Israel in institutions, academic and otherwise, where courses, or workshops, in quality engineering had been taught.

It may now be downloaded free here (with bookmarks that allow easy access to each chapter):

Shore_Total Quality, Quality Control and Q by Design_1995