Videos (Hebrew, English, Brazilian Portuguese)

This post provides links to videos on Professor Haim Shore scientific research (Quality and Reliability Engineering; Bible and biblical Hebrew). Videos include also my public appearances (personal interviews, research conferences, study workshops, university lectures).

Except for the self-produced Lecture Series on Robust Design (Quality Engineering), all other videos (including titles, as given below) were produced by third parties. Language of communication is indicated in the name of the link:

1. Bible and biblical Hebrew

One-on-One with Avi Ben Mordechai and Haim Shore (three half-hour episodes)

המתמטיקה חושפת את האמת – התורה ממקור אלוהי

Math Unveils The Truth! Torah is of Divine Origin (English, Hebrew subtitles)

TOL Program 21 065 Haim Shore 01 (English)

Is There Linkage between Biblical Hebrew and Physical Reality? (Hebrew)

Is There Linkage between Biblical Hebrew and Physical Reality? (Hebrew, English captions)

Genesis Creation vs. Modern Cosmology – New Scientific Findings! (English)

Criação do Universo – Haim Shore (English with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles)

Hain Shore, Bíblia Hebraica e Ciência Moderna (English with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles)

!!בריאה לפי בראשית ולפי המדע – תואמים?? – ממצאים חדשים מדהימים

Professor Shore Bible Findings Simplified!!

The Torah: Math Unveils the Truth (Trailer, Produced by Oren Evron)

Interview with Rav Zamir Cohen of Hidabroot and Prof. Haim Shore (Hebrew)

2. Quality and Reliability Engineering

Determining measurement-error requirements to satisfy statistical-process-control performance requirements (Presentation, English)

SPC-based monitoring of ecological processes (Presentation, Hebrew)

Lecture Series on Robust Design (Quality Engineering, Hebrew)

Experts Panel—Stories of Success and Failure in Quality Improving Projects (Hebrew)

3. Statistics (theory and practice)

Response Modeling Methodology (RMM) Explained by Its Developer (video, English)