My Research on Modeling Fetal and Child Growth

SPC-based Monitoring of Fetal Growth (Presentations)

On March, 6, 2014, my research team delivered a seminar (in English) at the Soroka Medical Center, describing our ongoing research project in modeling and monitoring fetal growth. The research team includes, besides myself, Dr. Diamanta Benson-Karhi (from the Open University) and Professor Asher Bashiri (from Soroka and Ben-Gurion University).

Concurrently, our graduate student, Mrs. Maya Malamud, had concluded her thesis and delivered a presentation (in Hebrew) during her final exam session.

Both presentations are now accessible here (in PDF format):

Haim Shore_SPC-based Monitoring of Fetal Growth_Presentation (English)_March 2014

Maya Malamud_Fetal Growth Study_Final Exam Presentation (Hebrew)_March 2014

Article published in Quality Ebgineering:

SPC-based Monitoring of Fetal Growth

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