My Research on the Bible and Biblical Hebrew Videos

Prof. Shore’s Bible Findings – Simplified (New Short Videos, English/Spanish)

Two new video clips (Hebrew/English), each about ten minutes long, have recently been produced by Mr. Oren Evron. In these I explain, in plain language, the basic principles underlying my research on the Jewish Hebrew Bible and on biblical Hebrew.

The English version focus on the biblical Hebrew research and the Hebrew version on the Bible research (specifically, Genesis creation narrative):

English (with Spanish subtitles):

Professor Shore’s Bible Findings – Simplified (English/Spanish)

Hebrew (focusing on Genesis Creation Narrative; An English version is accessible via another post on this blog):

“הבריאה לפי בראשית ולפי המדע – תואמים?? – ממצאים חדשים מדהימים!”: 

Genesis Creation Narrative and Modern Cosmology-Are They Compatible? Amazing New Findings (Hebrew)


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