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Present-Day Ultimate Replay of Sin of Adam and Eve

In this post I show that at present-day and age we witness a replay of the biblical sin of Adam and Eve.

We, as humans, entertain free will. This is made possible since our submission to the Law-of-Nature is not total. There are isolated islands in our lives where randomness prevails, allowing us to do whatever our heart desires, with apparently no moral consequences and no penalty due to violating some punishable law.

For example, we cannot decide to jump out of the window of a fifteenth floor of a high-rise because penalty would be immediate and ultimately catastrophic to our very survival. No free will here. Conversely, we may decide whether we wish (or wish not) to join a certain group of people for a shared activity with seemingly no devastating consequence, irrespective of which course of action we may have decided to pursue.

In summary, without ever so defined, our lives comprise two worlds intermingled with one another and generally indistinguishable from one another: The world of the “Law of Nature” and the world of “Randomness”. Our ability to exercise free will is conditioned on the existence of the latter; however we are prevented from exercising free will within the confines of the former.

Let us rephrase this assertion in biblical terms. The two seemingly unrelated and independent worlds, that of “Randomness” and that of “Law of Nature”, both originate in one source, which the Bible relates to as “Jehovah-Elohim”. Jehovah is source of the law of morality that prevails in the world of randomness. Elohim is source of physical creation and of Law-of-nature, within whose confines creation conducts itself since the beginning of time, at the Big Bang.

From its inception, humankind has aspired to be like God. But in what sense?

As the sin of Adam and Eve is described in the third chapter of Genesis, the serpent seduces Eve, explaining to her why it would have been beneficial to eat of the “Fruit of Knowledge”:

“For Elohim knows that on the day that you eat of it, then your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be like Elohim, knowing good and bad” (Genesis 3:5).

In other words: Gaining knowledge, by eating of the Fruit-of-Knowledge, aims at becoming like Elohim, knowing the Law-of-Nature that would grant us knowhow of that which is beneficial to us (“Good”) and that which is not (“Bad”). The burning desire is dominance over nature (including dominance over other human beings), but not the study of Law-of-Morality, which prevails in the “World of Randomness”, concealed from us so that we may exercise free will.

For that sin, the sin of wishing to know Elohim (source of Law-of-Nature), and not Jehovah-Elohim (the complete and all-encompassing manifestation of God’s leadership of his world, which is also the only name for God used by the “objective” narrator), Adam and Eve are subject to expulsion from the Garden-of-Eden.

Knowing Elohim with the objective of being Elohim-like implies knowing Law-of-Nature and gaining dominance over nature and people. Murdering another human being is the ultimate expression of dominance over nature as a result of the desire to be as powerful (and as “Great”) as Elohim.

An individual calling “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is greatest”), while taking someone else’s life in an act of murder, commits the exact same sin as that of Adam and Eve, only taken to the extreme:

“I know Elohim (since I know Law-of-Nature)” → “Therefore I have gained dominance over nature” → “Therefore I am Elohim-like” → “Therefore I have Elohim’s privilege to take your life away”.

All wrong!! And on many counts.

The privilege to take away one’s life does not belong to Elohim but to Jehovah Elohim. Alone.

And no amount of knowledge of Elohim, supposedly leading to a state of being God-like, provides complete knowledge unless complemented by the knowledge of Jehovah and his law:

“And now, Israel, what does Jehovah, your Elohim, requires of you but to fear Jehovah, your Elohim, to walk in all his ways, and to love him, and to serve Jehovah, your Elohim, with all thy heart and with all thy soul” (Deuteronomy 10:12).

The history of the human race is marked by committing, over and over again, the exact same sin of Adam and Eve: Gaining knowledge about Law-of-Nature, originating in Elohim, with utter lack of interest in knowing Law-of-Morality, originating in Jehovah.

The stated mission, indeed the role, of the Jewish nation in the world is to declare in the public square:

“The free will that you experience in the “World of Randomness” is an illusion. As there is Law-of-Nature there is also Law-of-Morality. These are not two separate worlds, one governed by Law-of-nature and another  governed by.. nothing.”

And days are coming, when all will know, and aspire to know, not only Elohim but also Jehovah:

“Behold, days are coming, says Jehovah, when I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Yehudah”,…, “and they shall teach no more every man his neighbor and every man his brother, saying, know Jehovah; for they shall all know me, from the least of them to the greatest of them, says Jehovah” (Jeremiah 31:30-33).

“Allahu Akbar”, followed by murder, is present-day ultimate replay of the ancient sin of Adam and Eve. The latter have produced first human attempt at separating Elohim from Jehovah, learning the ways of the former (leading by Law-of-Nature), while ignoring, and neglecting to learn, the ways of the latter (leading by Law-of-Morality).

Days are coming, prophesizes prophet Jeremiah, when this artificial separation of the two worlds will be no more.


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Present-day Replay of the Sin of Adam and Eve


8 replies on “Present-Day Ultimate Replay of Sin of Adam and Eve”

Shalom! I am curious about the use of Jehovah vs Yehovah as there is no “J” in Hebrew. If names are so important…and I DO believe they are…why are we changing them? Interestingly enough, Yehoshua comes from Yehovah, and not Elohim. Even the abbriviation YHVH…it is said that in ancient Hebrew, “vav” was actually pronounced “waw”, so why Yehovah, or Jehovah then if you are abbreviating it YHWH?…why not Yehowah? Even in the Greek, “Jesus” is “Iesous”…no “J”. We, as English speaking people…have no problem pronoucing the names of other “gods”… “Allah”, or “Satan”, or “Budha”…but we can’t say Yehovah or Yeshua? It doesn’t make sense to abbreviate the Name YHWH, only to pronounce it Jehovah. And what about not being able to speak His Name? I imagine that when Goliath came at David in the name of his god, that David did not reply that he was coming in the name of an abbreviation! There are many places in the Torah and NT where we are COMMANDED to call on His Name…not an abbreviation, but His REAL Name…problem is, no one knows what it is!!! Makes me think of Zechariah 14:9! Makes me think of “Yeshua HaNazarei Vemelekh HaYehudim, or YHVH! I have written a paper on this if you would like, I can email it to you. Here is the essence of it…those who overcome will be given a new name. These are the names that are written in The Lambs Book of Life. Everyone one of them will be just like Yehoshua…a derivative of Yehovah…and when those names are read from That Book, every last one of them will give glory and honor and praise to Yehovah just as it should be! This is all about Him and I personally cannot wait until That Day when ALL will call Him by His ONE Name!! Blessings, Avigayil


Hi Julie,

Here is my response to your comment:

I have no idea why the Hebrew was changed, in English, to Jehovah.
The Hebrew root of Yehoshua is “to save”, “to rescue”, not “to be”, as is the root of the Hebrew Jehovah.
I doubt that the ancient Israelites pronounced Jehovah as Yehowah (as you suggest). The reason is that in the present pronunciation (in Hebrew) the word comprises three syllables, rightly representing the Hebrew for “will be”, “is” and “was”, appropriately conveying the “timelessness” of the Divine.
You may wish to read my comprehensive analysis of the Hebrew Jehovah in Chapter 4 of my book (freely available for download as a PDF file on my blog and also available as hard-copy on the net).

I apologize for not commenting on issues related to the New Testament for reasons I explained in the opening chapter of my book.

Thank you for your interesting comment,



But when they shout, “Allahu Akbar!!” (Allah is Greater) what they are really saying is that man is greater than G-d.

In the pride of your heart
you say, “I am a god;
I sit on the throne of a god
in the heart of the seas.”
But you are a mere mortal and not a god,
though you think you are as wise as a god.

YHWH condemns Allah as a mere mortal. (Allah means Accuser in Hebrew. One of many Satan’s name? Accuser)

In a not so holy book of Quran, Allah is depicted as a serpent & a great deceiver. Don’t believe me? Study Quran & you will see that I am telling the 100% truth.


Mattew, thank you for the interesting comment. Allah is also a Hebrew word and it appears in the Hebrew Jewish Bible only in one sense: Curse or a Swear (with an intense curse). The relationship to the Islam’s Allah is intriguing and may be an interesting subject for scientific research. Haim


Wonderful analysis as usual! It is oh so common that people think there are no absolute laws of morality… People say “each and his own truth” or “everyone sets their own laws” which means people are worshiping themselves and make logical fallacies while doing so.

Thank you very much for this brilliant article,



Oren, Brilliant is how human historic endeavor on planet Earth is succinctly summarized in Genesis story of the sin of Adam and Eve. How true. How tragic. Haim


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