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Basic Human Condition: “Angels of God Ascending and Descending” (Gen. 28:12; Podcast-audio)

“In the beginning God created The Heavens and The Earth” (Gen. 1:1). Are these two worlds apart, or are they communicating with one another?

A single verse in Torah may deliver a clue, thereby defining for us a most basic human condition.

3 replies on “Basic Human Condition: “Angels of God Ascending and Descending” (Gen. 28:12; Podcast-audio)”

I am a Montessori teacher and currently studying different things. I was preparing a presentation about the “Coming of the Univers”. My austrian trainer when she presented this Cosmic Education story of “God with no hands” told me that it can be adapted on the base of each teacher’s religious and scientific beliefs. I was trying to elaborate my own version in order to present it with an attractive and engaging content to a “bored” catholic background group of children. I am passionated about the Torah but also about the Dead Sea Scrolls.This teaching helped me to think beyond what was in the beginning. Maybe there are more teachings about this topic. Thank you.


Thank you Melinda, and blessed be you for the good work you are doing with children. Haim


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