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Why a Jewish Rabbi wondered that Sun in Hebrew not named Eretz? (Podcast)

Living in the period of the Geo-Centric worldview, a Jewish Rabbi wondered (claimed) that it is the sun that should be named Eretz (Hebrew for Earth). With the later science-based shift towards the Helio-Centric worldview (Sun is “still”, Earth is “running” around it), biblical Hebrew once again proved to describe accurately physical reality:

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How I Repaid Maccabiah for Saving My Father from the Holocaust (Audio-podcast)

The story of my father, participating in the first Maccabiah (1932), how his life was spared, and how I repaid my debt:

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My Research on the Bible and Biblical Hebrew Podcasts (audio)

“Diber” or “Dever” – Two Modes of Divine Dialogue with Humankind in a World of Free-Will (Podcast)

The Ten Commandments, in their original biblical Hebrew, are — The Ten Devarim, or Ten Dibrot (the singular of which is Diber); The Holy of Holies, where the tablets with the Ten Commandments were held in the Jewish temple, is — Dvir; A plague is — Dever.

All these share a common root in biblical Hebrew — D.B.R (ד.ב.ר).

What does this root mean?

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Where Statistics Went Wrong Modeling Random Variation (Podcast)

To-date, within the Statistics literature, one may literally find thousands of statistical distributions.  

Is this acceptable?

Or perhaps we are wrong in how we model random variation?

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Where Statistics Went Wrong Modeling Random Variation


My Trilogy of Articles on Surgery Times – Now Complete (Published)

General Statistical Applications Podcasts (audio)

Why Predictions of Surgery-Duration are So Poor, and a Possible Remedy (Podcast)

Accurate prediction of surgery-duration is key to optimal utilization of operating theatres. Yet, current predictions, based on best available statistical and AI techniques, are highly inaccurate. This causes operating rooms worldwide to operate in a sub-optimal mode. Based on personal experience, supported by recently published three peer-reviewed articles, we believe that the poor state-of-the-art of current predictive methods for surgery-duration is traceable to a single cause. What is it? What is the remedy?


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My Research on the Bible and Biblical Hebrew Podcasts (audio)

Agag, Haman the Agagite, Gog, Magog, Gag — What binds them all together? (Podcast)

On the general concept of “Roof” in the Hebrew Bible, and what does it really signify:

My Research on the Bible and Biblical Hebrew Podcasts (audio)

Is Torah Divinely Inspired? (Podcast)

Three research efforts that have found shared patterns between scientific models of physical reality, the Hebrew Bible and biblical Hebrew.

How are these associated with the critical question of whether Torah is divinely inspired?

YouTube addresses of all three videos are given below (on

Fibonacci Numbers in Biblical Hebrew

Physical Properties in Biblical Hebrew Words

Genesis 1:1 and Pi

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Punishment vs. Guidance — Explaining Adverse Outcome of Well-intentioned Behavior (Podcast)

“Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?”

A somewhat original insight to an age-old mystery:


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How Israel Transformed from a Land of Common-Sense to a Bastion of Formalities (Podcast)

A magnifying glass directed at the fundamental transformation that the Israeli society is going through, shifting personal responsibility, mandated by free-will, to the responsibility of court of law:

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Why Trust Bible Prophets?? (Podcast)

(Find complete post at: Why do I Trust the Biblical Prophets??)

Israelite prophets, whose prophecies are everywhere in the Jewish Bible, right left and center, explicitly stated that God, the creator of “The Heaven and The Earth”, had spoken to them.

Should we trust them?