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One-on-One with Avi Ben Mordechai and Haim Shore (Three half-hour episodes)

Below are links to three videos, produced by Avi Ben-Mordechai, following our three-hour talk during the meeting that took place at the office of the university:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 1 maintains a certain line-of-thought conveyed to the viewer from beginning to end. The other two comprise short excerpts from our talk about various subjects that came up during the conversation.

No pre-publication review of the produced videos had been done on my part.

I am indebted to Avi Ben-Mordechai for kindly allowing me to post these videos in public on my YouTube personal channel.


Historical Coincidences

Hebrew Samech and Its Occurrence in Names of Jewish-Nation Enemies

The Hebrew letter Samech often occurs in names of enemies of the Jewish Nation, in the Bible and else. Is this a coincidence?

Samech, the fifteenth in the Hebrew alphabet, seems to be one of the most peculiar (and significant) letters in the Hebrew Bible and in Jewish history, past and present. Here is why:

Haim Shore_Significance of the Hebrew Samech and its Occurrence in Names of Enemies of the Jewish Nation_Oct 2014